Posted by: Mayu | July 9, 2009

Emmy, Yudai, Nicole, Dawn, Emily and Claire

Wow, such a lot of people I’ve met up today, lol.
First I went to Emmy’s town Emerald, as I had the babybed for her ^^:

But she was sleeping 😉 . I left the babybed next to her and wrote also a comment on her bulletin board, hoping that she’ll read it, who was there 😆

Then I saw another gate open. It has been Yudai’s town, he’s a new friend of me and I never met him before 🙂 Hello, nice to meet you ^^

I wasn’t the only visitor there, Dawn with the rainbow feather and Nicole with the purple cap have been there, too, yay! 🙂

Aww you look lovely on this pic, Nicole ^^. And Dawn is also smiling so charming 😉

This is Yudai’s house. Let’s have a look inside of it:

Cool main room, looks like I’m examinating some important secretful documents, lol.

This is a TV room, but the TV was still missing xD

I loved the music room, especially the carpet looks awesome!

Then we all were invited to come to Dawn’s town ^^

The path patterns are great, Dawn! 🙂

And Dawn has got the last house expansion with a pink roof ^^

Dawn: “Mwaaaah! Let me sleep!!”

Miki:”Hmpfth!! Now I can’t sleep!!!” 👿

Claire from Pixelpop dropped by!! 😀 Yaaay, nice to meet you again! x3

She was really in good mood and we all laughed a lot together 😆

Soon after that we went to Mitsukyo, and Emily from Sunkist was another new friend who came for a visit. 🙂 Ohhh, naughty Claire, look, she’s watering Emily xP. That’s why Emily looks so disgusted on this pic, haha!

I’ve ordered a lovely armoire for Dawn but we had to do it twice, because the first time I’ve ordered the dresser instead of the armoire, stupid me! xP

Yudai looks cute when he’s asleep. 🙂

In my spare hybrid area

This is after I reopened my gates, as I promised Nicole to open again at 9PM. But unfortunately she didn’t manage to come lol. Sorry that my town is often full in no time… ^^;

Tehehehe, it was funny to see Claire and Emily in synchronized sleeping mode lol. At 10PM I had to go, so sorry that I threw you out of my town, you must have been surprised to see yourself back in your own town again 😉

Thanks for this wonderful evening to all!! I enjoyed playing ACWW again ^^



  1. Hmmm… I can’t see a lot of the images in your posts I get this long strange letter from imageshack talking about like stealing things and forcing people to buy security for their computers O-o

    • Oh noo, I see the problem, many pictures disappeared here, maybe imageshack has got some problems again. I hope they’ll fix it soon that my pictures can be seen again. But the pop-up advertisement is weird, I haven’t got any when I go to my blog.

  2. hehe we had a good time.. two pics my comp woulnt let me see.. BOO! anyway nice post! thanks for all the fun that day

    • Ohh I’ve got the same problems…
      I’ll try to fix it, perhaps a server is down at imageshack… meeeh!

      edit: oh nooo, there are several pics missing here on my blog!! 😦
      I really hope that they’ll fix it soon, it’s a problem of imageshack not of my blog… 😥

  3. fun tooo bad i had to go lol

  4. sorrry i coulnt come sorry miki sorry i dint forgot its just that i was in the car and i got to my house but you were closed 😦 im sorry miki i was in the car thats why i could’nt come . SORRY SORRY SORRY i wish you can open today at 8pm your time .

    • Don’t apologize that much Nicole lol, you don’t have to feel bad about it at all. 😉
      I think I can open in around 10 min, but can’t promise!!

  5. i time traveled and the fireworks show is on

  6. how do you get to go to sleep?

  7. When you shut the lid of your DS your chara is going to sleep 🙂

  8. ooo ok but i dont get to see my character sleeping waaaah lol . thanks

  9. hey I updated my site and finally have July post anyone can visit it and leave a coment

    • Checked it and left a comment 😉

  10. that picture is moving

  11. how do they sleep, can i do that too, or is this a cheat????????

    • Ahh, its soo easy, you’ll hit yourself (DONT).

      ~~Shut your DS lid~~

    • Like Sorcha said, shut your DS lid lol, unfortunately you won’t ever see yourself sleeping, just the others can do that lol.

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