Posted by: Mayu | July 8, 2009


… that I can’t update my blog although I really want to… 😦
I’m REALLY busy these days as I make a lot of trips with my family (all of them are here at home in the next 2 weeks) and enjoying summer holidays.
That’s why I hardly am able to update my blog, I still have photos from last sunday to post and from that day on I haven’t played ACWW over Wifi yet again.
So please bare with me when I don’t answer to your comments on the same day, but I appreciate it a lot that you still visit my blog, so a big thank you to all of you. 🙂
From July 20th on I’ll have more time for you (I hope) until that day I only can play when I’ve got some spare time for me, so I can’t settle dates to meet up these days, I’m afraid…
Hope to see you all soon again, have also a nice summer holiday,
from Mayu 😉



  1. Awww, have fun though 😉

    Huh! New smileys! 😆

  2. No problem Mayu,enjoy your time with your non AC family!

  3. Have fun! BTW, I lost Animal Crossing, again!!!

  4. You need some quality time with your family.It’s okay with us.You just go and have fun with them.Enjoy the time with your family while you have it.

    ( P.S. I just noticed the new smilies.I like the old ones better )

  5. hey Miki its ok have fun with your family oo and i won’t be 17 of july im going to a vacation ! have fun with your family and i hope you have a wonderful time with your family . we understand lol. thanks from your friend Sofi

  6. ohhh, miki 😉
    i understand, i have lots of trips too!
    have fun this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rebecca A.K.A. Becky!!!! 😆

  7. Aww. no worries mayu! Spend some time with your family! Tonight, Andrew, my mom, my next door neighbors and I made S`mores… YUMMYYYY!!!!!!!

    • what are S’mores? I don’t have any idea of it lol.

      • You don’t know what s’mores are?!Wow.

        A s’more is a traditional campfire treat popular in the United States and Canada, consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker.

        Got the info from wikipedia.

        • Ahh now I’ve got an idea of it. Sounds very sweet. Thank you Aaron ^^

  8. Don’t worry, coz spending time with your family is better than with ACWW! lol
    …not saying its bad or anything…

  9. Thanks a lot for all your comments, guys! ^^
    I knew you would understand and yes, I’ll enjoy summer holidays 🙂

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