Posted by: Mayu | July 5, 2009

Finally PTS in Volterra!

This evening I helped Louise again to get finally a perfect town.

Hi Louise! I also brought some flowers again, just in case we need more of them.

But her problem was that Volterra has got too many trees. So we chopped several trees where they were too crowded.

Nico also dropped by to help us 🙂

And woooooot! Volterra is perfect, hooray! 😀

We are really a good pts team lol. :mrgreen:

Then we went to my town. Jesse also came to visit me and here he’s fetching some furniture items what I’ve ordered for him before.

This month I’ve got a ‘touch all wallpapers’ event, so you can fill up your catalogue by doing that. Miki also needed to touch them 😉

Later on I went to Jesse’s town BLACKZ, here it is still EARLY in the morning again lol. Lovely welcome patterns, Jesse!

I helped him deweeding his town, it was a lot to do there, tehehe. Sorry that I didn’t take more pics about it, but thanks to all for the great fun tonight ^^



  1. Hey Mayu, could you please help me get PTS?
    I cant do it om my own D:

    • Yes I can, but can you first collect some flowers, too please? I also still have to help Cody with his town and Emma also asked me for help…
      So after them I can help you too 😉
      But please try to plant also some trees and flowers first, it’s so much work when we have to do it from the scratch ^^

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