Posted by: Mayu | July 2, 2009

New friend: CODY from HEATH

Today I met another new friend:

It’s Cody from Heath, welcome to Mitsukyo! 😀

He strolled over my town and Jake came also a few minutes later to my town ^^

Here you can see him better. Sorry that I didn’t have much time to play this evening… 😦

Haha, Jake aka Luigi, you look awesome! 😀

After I showed him my house I had to go, but just when Cody left my town, Emmy from Emerald dropped by xD:

Well I let her fetch the ordered items and after that I’ll party over 😉

Sorry that it was only about 30 minutes, I wished I had more time for you all…

Well, let’s meet up again someday 😉



  1. for the july event, is it like completeing your wallparer calalog?

    • Yes that’s the idea of my touch events 😉 I did a lot in the last year and I’ll do several this year again. Next month will be all carpets and then you can choose what touch event I’ll do next, because then I’ve done all things of the catalogue.

  2. ty for leting me come that day

  3. how came cody went and i didnt thats not fair

    • He didn’t even mention that day that he has a sister lol. Sorry lucy 😉

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