Posted by: Mayu | July 1, 2009

Visiting my new friend Faye from Soleil

Pheew, I’m happy that I had time to play ACWW this evening with my friends again ^^. I opened my gates and Zoe and Louise were my first visitors:

Hello BFFs 😀 ! Zoe invited me to come to one of her friend’s town. She’s called Faye and the town is Soleil 😉 . I promised Louise to open later again, I felt sorry to keep her waiting, but luckily Louise wasn’t mad at all about it, she’s such a nice girl ^^

So here I am in Soleil:

Hello~, where are you all? 😀

Ahh there, I’ve found you! Nice to meet you Faye, she’s the girl with the eye-patch ^^.

Cute house with a purple roof! In our German version the colour is called “dark red”, what’s dark red about it?!? 👿 I was very confused the first time when I realised that ‘dark red’ is in real purple lol.

Haha, Faye looks really relaxed on the tulip chair here xD

… such a lot of clothings 😆

Then I was visiting Nook’s Cranny 😛 and I got aware of this odd thing:

What a HUGE spider net in the right corner!! 😯 What are you breeding here, Nook?!? Monster spiders?!? 😯

Guess whose house I’m standing in front here?? :mrgreen:

I think most of you might guessed it right. It’s Vestaaaaaa ♥ ♥ ♥ xD Awww, so cuddly!!

And hooray for the new bug season!! I love summer with all those awesome bugs and fish! xD

Thanks for the fun Faye, unluckily I didn’t have such a lot of pics of you, I hope next time we meet it’ll be better 😉 See you soon!



  1. ty miki!
    trust me ur alot nicer than i am 😉
    and ive finally got transport! (on my mini city)
    BUT ive only got 94% now! pls pls help me out!

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