Posted by: Mayu | June 30, 2009

Emily, Meow and Jenn

…were my friends I met up tonight 😀
First I saw Meow’s gates open and as there was also another visitor, I was curious and went to Funky:

Yay it’s Emily from Jewell. Nice to meet you again 😀

Meow has got such a lovely diagonal path in her town. Isn’t that nice?

Then I opened my gates and Meow was my first visitor ^^

¡Hola! Quién es la chica mexicana?

It’s Jenn!! Hiii! Great outfit today xD

Lol, Meow got this tut wig as a present from one of my neighbours. How splendid!

And action!! What a fuzziness! Can you see what we both have caught?

Two octopi, how cute! 😉

1, 2, 3… wow 15 stars around Jenn’s head! 😆

Argh Meow is still not clear on the pic… 😦

My last visitor was Emily :D. It has been her first time in Mitsukyo, welcome! ^^

She liked Bree, she had another Bree as her first townie in Jewell.

Well, that was my evening with Yuki. Thanks for your visit girls, I enjoyed it! ^^


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