Posted by: Mayu | June 29, 2009

Let’s start with PTS

Louise asked me if we can’t work for perfect town in her town Volterra and of course I liked to help her 😉

So I brought again much flowers but that weren’t that many as we needed.

Nevertheless, ‘Let’s start’ ! Ok Louise, I’ll plant more trees and you spread the flowers 🙂

The rain didn’t stop us from working hard 😛

Zoe also dropped by, hiii! Your Z of your Z-shirt is really glooming, how cool! 😮

Aww Louise, you have a good sense for flowers, they are arranged beautifully ♥

Haha, I wanted to show an almost ‘flying’ snail (looked like it was hovering 2cm above) on the dandelion but it vanished as soon as I tried to take a pic of it xP

Well in the end we needed loads of more flowers, but I hope you’ll get your PTS soon, Louise! Thanks for the fun, you two! 😀



  1. miki i kainda accidently went overbourd and now i hav 2 many trees!
    pls cum and help me out! soon

    • Yes Louise, I hope I’ve got some time soon to play with you… 😦 Today we were all day off, I couldn’t even water my flowers in the game, I’ve to do that now… xP

  2. my town will never be perfect xC

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