Posted by: Mayu | June 26, 2009

Jaimee and my new friend Samy from Richmond

Busy day today. As you know summer holiday has started here and my husband also has got three weeks off from work, that means I’ll spend more time with my family together and less with ACWW 😉 .
So don’t worry, when you might don’t hear a couple days from me 😛

This morning I left my gates open and I hoped that Tilly would fetch her items that I collected for her. I wasn’t online but when I came back home I found this sleeping beauty:

It was Jaimee ^^

The sleeping mode is soo cute x3. Well, after just 1 minute she came back and stupid me didn’t make some other pictures of us, meeeh 😦 .
But we had a nice chit-chat and I enjoyed her visit. Thanks again, Jaimee! 😀

In the evening I found Samy’s town Richmond open. I’ve just added her fc this afternoon to my roster and I was glad to meet her up that quickly ^^

Andrew from Italy was also there, hiya! ^^

Ohh, what nice rainbow colours around your house, Samy! 😮

May I introduce you, that’s Samy, the best friend of Rhea, nice to meet you! 🙂 ♫

The window looks so huge from this point of view…

I brought some hybrids as present and

then I found this area. 😯 Awesome!! I like these colours! ♥

Just when I made this group pic, Wifi crashed and I had no time to come back… sorry about that 😦
Hope to see you soon again 😉



  1. Haha, I look sad in the second picture. ^^
    Hope to see you again soon! ♥

  2. sry i couldnt come, my ds battery was low and i left my charger at my grans!!! 😳
    also, im going to the whitsundays then to caloundra on the hols so i wont be back until wednesday or thursday next week, so i wont be around for a while!!

    • No worries, Tilly, that’s ok. And have a lot of fun at your vacation! ^^

  3. Hi Mayu!
    Odd jump here, but maybe you remember me??
    It’s all good if you don’t, I haven’t been in quite awhile.
    But, like always, I’m back for the summer!
    I’d love to wifi with you sometime during the summer, though it looks like you’ll be pretty busy!

  4. Hi Jordan, is it you from Dasslo? It has been exactly one year ago when we met up xD
    And yes, I’ll add you back, but I’m not sure if the fc in my fc list is still the old one. Can you please give me your details again?

  5. Yes, it is. (:
    Here are my stats:

    Chara name: Jordan
    FC: 438298654685
    Town: Pillow

    Who will you add me under?

  6. I’ll add you again with Miki and thanks for your FC, as I can see I haven’t you at all in my FC list xP

  7. Mayu, you have the most billiant blog about ACWW. Do you have city folk? I don’t have wifi yet, I’ll nedd to sit down and sort it out, but when it works, I’d be hounered if you would be my first visitor. What’d ya say?

    • Hello Tom, thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment! 😀 Unfortunately I don’t have City folk, and what game did you mean where I could be the first visitor? ACCF? ACWW? In ACWW I would really like to meet you. Hope you have your FC soon. 😀

      • I was talking about ACWW for you to come. It would probly be for a month. Would i also be able to visit your town?

        • Oh then we shall try it Tom, I have no problem to add you just for a month 😉 . Just to settle a date to meet up is difficult in the next 2 or 3 weeks, as my family is all at home and we’re enjoying summer holidays ^^

          • I meant a month to get wifi… But hopefully i’ll be able to do it at the weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

            • Ohh ok Tom, then fingers crossed for you ^^

  8. Hey all.
    I am opening my gates on wifi for a special acww wedding!We still need someone for a preacher. Reply to this if you are coming in! Thank you all!

  9. Okay, thanks!!
    I’m all set.
    Hopefully see you soon!

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