Posted by: Mayu | June 25, 2009

520bells in Mitsukyo

Today I’ve got this great turnip price in town. As I have a lot of people who might be interested in selling turnips, I’ll open tonight with Mayu from 7PM on (my time) to people who wants to sell turnips.

I know that from Miki’s friends there are following turnip traders:
Zoe, Alfonso, Nico(?) and Kinsei

From Yuki’s friends I know only about

All listed people above I’ll register temporarily on Mayu’s roster, pls also add:
Mayu, Mitsukyo, FC: 3866-4327-6650
into your roster.

People who also wanted to come, please leave a comment here, that I can add you. But I won’t add unknown people, because I’ll be offline most of the time, so I have to trust that people will behave in my town. 😉
One last request: When my town is getting full please sell your turnips and leave the town asap that other people can come back to sell too, thanks a lot! ^^



  1. oh! miki, i neeeed to be in ur town today! Dx please! <33

    • Arrrgh Sally, please give me your details!

      • oh right here XD!

        name: sally
        town: koeln
        fc: 4168-1401-0448

        thank you, miki! ❤

        • Ok added, feel free to come at 7PM I might be offline during that time 😉
          How many turnips do you have? 😀

          • thank you very much (again xD) ❤

            I only have 250! xD
            but itll be enough.. I think.^^

            ..Guess what! I "made" my first hybrid! <333

            • Yaaay congrats for that! ^^
              With 250 turnips you’ll earn 130.000 bells 😀

              • Again, thank u! ❤
                yaaay! 😀 The credit will be paid soon! xD

  2. Ok I’ll add you too, please add Mayu 😀

  3. Please add me ^ ^.

  4. ok I will just one minute
    edit: done, you can come now ^^

  5. Thanks ^ ^

  6. Hey Miki, i guess we’ll finish PTS work on Sunday, thats when I’m next avail. I’ll open our usual time

    Zoe xx

    • ahh sorry on Sunday I’m whole day not at home… 😦
      Can’t you come now to fetch the flowers? I added you with Mayu
      PS: hahaha you just came in xP

  7. Lol, thanks for letting me in, I know you are busy at the moment

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