Posted by: Mayu | June 24, 2009

Wifi crash, forgotten birthday, PTS work

Sorry about yesterday, Meow or Jenny or whoever might have been waiting for me, but I didn’t have time to open with Yuki… 😦 Perhaps I’ll look this week for some open gates with Yuki that I can meat you up again 😉
So tonight I was open with Miki again.

Andrew, Louise and Nico came, but soon as they all entered, Wifi crashed!! 😈
And my phone was ringing, so that I could reopen only 10 min later, sorry to all of you 😳

But Nico, Louise and Zoe came back ^^:

Yaay, synchronised frog catching lol.

Aww, lovely Louise is covered with time stamp and bell amount 🙄

😆 You look really great with this king’s beard, Zoe xP . So warm and cuddly hahaha.

Wow, another big shadow in the river. Is it a dorado…?

No, a gar! 😛

Then I went to Zoe’s town Altwood to help her to get a perfect town. So I brought a lot of normal flowers again and spread them over her town.

Zoe was planting a lot of trees meanwhile ^^.

Hmm still not enough flowers. I’ll buy some at Geli’s town OT, when she’s still open ^^.

When I changed to Haru I got a surprise! 😮 Haru has got birthday today!! xD 😆

Agent S: ‘Happy birthday! Yaay!…What? You’ve forgotten…?’
Exactly!! How did you know?? 😆 :mrgreen:

Well, I brought some flowers from OT again, but Phyllis was still not content with Altwood.

Let’s try another time again, Zoe. Thanks for the fun to all ^^



  1. Yaaay! You were right about Haru’s birthday! Didn’t you say it was your Mum’s aswell? That’s why you gave Haru her birthday?

    Lol, it’s my birthday on Sunday! I can’t wait^^ I really want the Birthday Cake on ACCF!

    • Wow Thea, you surprise me every time when you remember things that has been a long time ago. Are you a walking library? xP 😆
      You’re absolutely right! It was my mothers birthday hehe. xD
      And I wish you already a lot of fun and a happy birthday for sunday, I’m not at home all day at sunday, as we make a little trip to the sea 😉

      • Hmm, walking library… I wonder lol. I think I just have good memory. Well, I only remember things I want to. I find saying it three times helps me remember it 😉

        What do you say in German to wish someone a happy belated birthday? Glücklicher verspäteter Geburtstag?

        Glücklicher verspäteter Geburtstag Mayu’s Mama!

        • Well it’s really amazing, what you can remember Thea 😉
          And you say in German:
          Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich zum Geburtstag, Mayu’s Mama! or
          Alles Gute nachträglich! ^^

  2. peanut in that pic looked like a squirrel hybrid, lol! peanut and agent s, lol!

  3. Arghh it is Agent S!!! Sorry Tilly, it was my mistake LOL

    • o lol haha! it would be funny if u could make “hybrid” residents, lol!!! but on wii some people do it, in other words, they hack! o.O

  4. hi mayu do you think you could make my town perfecto

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