Posted by: Mayu | June 23, 2009

Funny dresses

I had fun again with sally from koeln and Julia from Zychowo. Haha your pilot shades looks so cool together with your kimono Julia xD.
Sally was also really creative with her dresses tonight. At the photo above she’s very elegant and here:

She’s a pirate. 😉

The new Zoe came to Mitsukyo!! Hii, nice that you bought another ACWW game as your old one was stolen at school … 😦

Hahaha, Zoe liked the sexy dress of Meow xP. It suits you! 😉

😯 !!! Noooo Sally, it’s not a swimsuit!!! LOL 😆

Then we went to Altwood, the town of Zoe ^^ . You have always got great talent to draw flags and cool paths, Zoe, I liked it!

Sally in Chinese outfit this time xD

Julia was very naughty, she always chased me with her net and was beating me 👿 .

Hello angelfish “Angel”! 😀 Arrrrgh, even in Zoe’s house she ran after me!! xD 😛 Are you a stalker, Julia??

I had a lot of fun! ^^



  1. Miki, thanks for the designing compliment, and LOL about Julia!! xD

    Zoe xx

  2. hu she is like tom nook and is babys it is giving me the shudders

  3. mayu! i had a blue pansy and it wilted yesterday but i forgot to go on so now i lost my blue pansy! waaaah

    • Ohh what a pity 😦 Don’t forget to water the wilted one every day

  4. kimono ! i love it !

    • Thanks kennedy for commenting ^^

  5. Zoe, your flag is sooo cool. Great pics!

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