Posted by: Mayu | June 20, 2009

Rhea and Andrew

In the afternoon I had a little time to play and saw Rhea’s gates open:

Hi, nice to be in Greece again ^^

Ohh, your majesty Rhea today, cool! 😀 And her brother Andrew was also there. 🙂

The town structure is very unique in my opinion, look how long she has to walk from the gates to her house, museum or townhall! 😮

She arranged a hotel from her house. Isn’t the main entrance pretty? 😀

Arghh, shooooot, Rhea, you beat me in Mario & Luigi’s game!! 😈

Then the fun was suddenly over… sigh…

Next time Andrew’s gates were open instead, woot! Hahaha, now I know why you have such a lot of weeds in your town. You like to time travel, this time it’s June and 2AM in the morning xD. How cool is that! lol

Hehe, did you know that boy’s mouth shape is much bigger than female ones? 🙂

Ruby: ‘I never said ‘nice to meet you’ at such a late time’, ha ha I bet!! xD

That’s inside Andrew’s house/hotel. That was a nice room.

I noticed his town tune on the piano, it was “Ode an die Freude” from Ludwig van Beethoven, very nice! 😀

BAM! Ouch, my head!!!

Haaa~ much better, good night! xD

Thanks for letting me visit, Rhea and Andrew 😉



  1. “Hehe, did you know that boy’s mouth shape is much bigger than female ones?”

    It isn´t I think. It just depends on the eyes 🙂

  2. huh??? oh well julia I HAVE NEWS!!!!
    pls open up ASAP!!!

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