Posted by: Mayu | June 19, 2009

Surprise in Italy

When Emmy had to go I saw another gate open. It has been Andrew’s town Italy :D.

“Hiii!”….silence… there was no answer.

Wow, such a lot of patterns here, amazing!

But hahaha I was surprised, that there were also a LOT of weeds! 😯 xP.

Oh I found Andrew! 😀

He’s sleeping… that’s why he didn’t answer 😉

I started to pull the weeds (I hope you don’t collect them to get the rafflesia 😛 ), as you perhaps know, I like to weed in ACWW ^^

Pick, pick, pick, such a fun! I was done with the one part of his town, also wrote two comments on his bulletin board and then I wanted to go home… but…

WIFI CRASHED!!!!!!!!!! 👿 👿 👿
My 30min job of town cleaning was gone! 🙄 Well, nvm, then I can pull them at least again next time 😉
See you again, Andrew ^^



  1. hahaha! Im workin on that too!
    Srry bout wifi!

  2. That strangley reminds me of your old post “Haru’s dream”

    • How? That was from the desert…

  3. I love weeding, too! But not in real life… </3

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