Posted by: Mayu | June 19, 2009

Morning fun with Nico

Arrrgh I had some trouble this morning (I got an unpleased letter where I have to do some phone calls first), so I forgot about the time and forgot that I had a date with Tilly!!! 😥 😳
SOORRRY Tilly, that wasn’t intended!!
So more than one hour later I was opening instead, hoping that she might read that I’m open now…

But I had another visitor – Nico! 😀 Hahaha, you look funny today :mrgreen:

And my newest neighbour…is… Curly again!!! Noooooo! Not again!! 👿
(and Nico has got VESTAAAAA!!! ARRRGH!!! xD)

Here we both were wondering, who shook my money tree again??? I planted it recently 5 days ago as someone was shaking it, and now it’s empty again! 😯 Please, to all of my new friends, this money tree is just for decoration, don’t shake it!! 😉

Well, it was time for another go! 😛

Nico was afk before he had to go to school ^^. What nice colours of the sky and water 🙂

Tilly didn’t come but it wasn’t her fault, I was the one who forgot the date 🙄 . But thanks Nico that you killed waiting time with me together, I enjoyed it.



  1. wooowww

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