Posted by: Mayu | June 17, 2009

Three lonely pics…

…I only took in the evening… -.-;
Sorry for being lazy but I wanted to show them anyway 😉

Julia and Andrew came over to Mitsukyo, but also:

Nico ^^

I was busy in visiting my neighbours, so I didn’t take much pics of that time and later on Wifi crashed and I haven’t had time to play anymore, so sorry about that…

Thanks a lot for your visits, guys 😉



  1. おはようございますぅ~~♪


    ( ̄▽ ̄)V ブイ



    • ラファエロさん、こんにちは~^^
      今ラファエロさんのブログで大食いの「みかん」を見ていました、はは、おもしろかった〜♪「おかあさん」もとっても好きで、「あたしンち」の動画は本当に楽しい動画です。 ♥
      また遊びに行ってきます、よろしくお願いします (^.~)

  2. huhu mayu lol,
    plz bring flowesr when u come to my town i need more! they dont have to be hybrids!!
    tilly ♥♫♪

  3. now can u help me get a great town see as wifi is working on my DS and I am still open

  4. hello hello hello um oh yeah can u write the new post about last night

    • Sorry, I was busy until now, but be assured that I don’t forget to put all of the visits on my blog ^^

  5. heyy miki!
    my gates are open and andrew’s r too! hes not afk this time!

  6. BTW: I would like some help to get a pt plz. Danke!

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