Posted by: Mayu | June 16, 2009

One for you, one for me

All day long I thought that it was Monday today, so I almost forgot to play with Yuki this evening, lol. Thanks again Emmy that you reminded me that it’s Tuesday haha. 😛
20 min I was too late so I looked for open gates. Deedee’s D’burg was full but Jenn from Bethany was open with another visitor, too.

Well, Jenn was sleeping, but I met Jenny from Hampton there and we decided to go to my town to catch some big fish 🙂

The first fish with fin went to Jenny, yay. A hammerhead shark 😀

Meow also dropped by, seems to be in secret mission today 😆

We visited my new neighbour Roscoe. He’s really cool and Jenny and Meow also liked him 😉

Jenny was eager to catch the normal shark, but didn’t have luck yet. So we went to her town Hampton to see if there are better fish 😉

Hahahaha! Hooray! Egbert is wearing this sexy dress! So our plan from last week was successful! You like him better now Jenny? 😛 :mrgreen:
Oh and I just realise, that Meow was changing her clothes left of the picture, tehehehe!

We look so sexy, so pretty all together! 😆 I still have to learn the sexy look you both have Meow and Egbert xP

Even Dora fell in love to this dress lol.

Yay, Meow caught an ocean sunfish! 😀

Never be afk, while Meow is playing with you 😈

And in the end I also caught a big fish – Steven, the shark!! WOOT! xD

Thanks for the fun girls! ♪



  1. It might not have been Meow who dug those holes . I blame Egbert…

    • Or a cute girl named Jenny… 😛

  2. Hey it sounds like fun and I was hoping u would write that I reminded you thanks again and I liked our chat I am watching my new sky right now it is so cool 8)

  3. Poor,poor Egbert.

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