Posted by: Mayu | June 16, 2009

New friends: Rhea from Greece and Andrew from Italy

What a surprise, just when I worked on my blog I saw a new visitor who asked someone to come over to her town. It has been Rhea and as I had some time left for game play I answered her. 😉 I think that was one of the quickest meet-up with a new friend lol.

Hello Rhea, nice to be in Greece and nice to meet you ^^

She also invited her brother Andrew to come 🙂

What a cool guy, hi Andrew! 😀

Tehehe, your road is nice Rhea, my pigtails can be hardly seen here.

Ohh two nice pools in front of your house, that’s refreshing in summer ^^

I liked the main room, it’s a wedding room! 😮 Look at all those roses and the two thrones, awesome!

A look more to the left, the roses are so pretty~♥

The right room is covered with Rhea’s selfdesigned water pattern. That’s cool! 8)

And in the cafe you can also have shashlik, yummmyyy~

But also a cup of tea 😉

The upper room is a clothes shop, so many lovely shirts!

Thanks for the fun Rhea and Andrew. You came after that to my town but I’m sorry, I didn’t take such a lot of pics there, d’oh!
Just this one where Rhea picked some missing fruits xD:

Hope to see you soon again, you both are very kind and nice! 😀



  1. THX!! We had so much fun too!

  2. is a sakshlisk a cubahb in english

    • I think it is a Shish cubab in english. Richtig, Mayu?

      • I don’t know Rhea lol, we just say Schaschlick 😆

  3. Ohh… Memories! I can’t believe how long ago that was! We’ve known each other for almost 4 months!

    • Yes, that’s really cool 🙂

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