Posted by: Mayu | June 16, 2009

Did you know… (part 29: Mini-Mustache)

… that the Mini-Mustache in our European Version looks different to the Japanese ones?

I don’t know if the American Version has got the same style, but we Europeans see in our ACWW game this picture for the mini-mustache:

Two little ‘triangles’ under your nose. Ok. (Sorry Liv that I used you as an example lol)

The Japanese version’s mini-mustache, called ‘chobi hige’ looks like this:

(source links: Left pic, Upper right, Down right )

You see? That’s different. And I don’t have any evidence why it was changed but I just wanted you to ask, when the boy at the left would have had dark brown hair, of whom does he remind you? Yes, exactly, it reminds us of Adolf Hitler, and THAT’s why the European version has censored it, I’m quite sure. Especially we Germans are very sensible to this theme, in my opinion it’s good that such things are censored, even in Mangas what are translated into German all signs of the Nazi regime are strictly censored and not shown to young people. We just don’t want to happen this terrible time ever again here… 😉



  1. hehe sieht lustig aus 😆

  2. Just so you know, the American version has the same mini mustache as the Japanese version. I think I know why, though I don’t know if I should say why the Europeans have a different style.

  3. Oops! I just noticed that you pointed out Hitler. That was my guess as well. 😀

    • Ah thanks a lot Jeronimo. So the Americans have got exactly the same game as the Japanese. Just we Europeans have again some differences 🙄 . I want Shoji and Tatami!!! 😈 Why did they change these awesome items?!?!?

      • I have the shoji wallpaper on my american version and I can sacrefice it Lol but you rock and i think you do deserve it!
        Luv,<|3 Demmitria

  4. haha liv! 😆

  5. i read something bout hitler on wikipedia today coz i was researching germany for a project where we have to compare two democratic countries, and it says that hitler had a second job as an artist? WHA?

    • What?? I didn’t know either 😯 .

  6. Ha ha ha! Liv looks hilarious!

  7. no offence liv

  8. Tilly: That’s right. In fact, many think that the reason he tried to destroy Jews, gypsies, and other people was because he wanted to become an artist. He tried to enroll himself in a famous art school in Germany, but failed. We watched a video about it in Language Arts. Isn’t that horrible! Had that school enrolled Hitler, the holocaust may not have happened!

  9. hast recht es is gut das es in unserer version anders ist… 😡

  10. hitler? aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. lol the “boy” that you called Hitler is a girl. (I had the same hair once lol.) And Hitler was not German.
    AND he wanted to derstroy anyone who wasn’t like him! My grandpa is German but he died when my mom was 13. 😥 He was agasnt Hitler!

    • oh i thought you meant the person in the upper right! (But that hair styler mested up my hair and once it was like that LOL!!!!!!!!

    • I know that Hitler wasn’t German but Austrian. Nevertheless he came to Germany and was a German dictator. Sorry to hear that from your grandpa 😦 , so your mother can speak German, too? Perhaps you even too?

      • My grandma can’t because she always lived in the US! I can only say a few words but in like 5 years (lol) I will speak German!


  12. So i have japenese animal crossing. Cool!

    • Or an American version Jojo, because my American friends said, that’s the same with their game, too ^^

  13. Oh

  14. I would have never thought or noticed that!! cool!

  15. Ah…jetzt versteh ichs..

  16. When we were with liv that day I didn’t see the two triangles I just saw a plain little American/ Japanese moustache. Meeh! xP
    I wanna see the cool moustache too!! 🙂
    and I also like the European shoji/ tatami floor/ wallpaper better than the American version. 😛

    • Haha it’s really weird that we sometimes see totally different items on ACWW xP

  17. so einen hab ich mal mit der schminke meiner mutter gemacht 😀

  18. They should’ve made the mini-mustache twolittle triangles in every country that way there is no confusion.

  19. yeah, my sister stole my mini-mustache that i had on display (she’s my roommate) and now she looks like hitler with her black regal wig! i think its what its called..

    • yes, it would really look like him >.< 😉

  20. in the european picture it looks like he has the triforce (3 triangles) its from Zelda

  21. i have a cat named rockstar lol and he has 2 black dots under his nose and people call him hitler

  22. strange… my version is in English and i bought in in Holland, but the mustache is not in a triangle-form.

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