Posted by: Mayu | June 15, 2009

How I record sound from my DS to the computer

Thea asked me this question and as I’m not good in explaining just in words, I’ll also try to describe it with help of lots of pics 😉 . The problem is that I’ve got a German Windows installed, so I don’t know exactly the English names for the programs, I hope you can find it anyway…

First you need a male to male stereo cable like this:

Plug it into the headphone socket of your DS:

And be sure that your volume of the DS is not at the very right, but a little in front of it, maybe 80% of total ^^

The other side of the cable plug into to microphone/audio input of your computer:

Then my computer (I used my Windows XP computer to record the sounds) automatically asked me whether it’s an audio input or a microphone or headphones, when you are also asked say it’s an audio input.

(the pink socket is my microphone/audio input, maybe it’s different on other computers. I can also imagine that you can use the blue line-in socket for this)

After that I opened the normal Windows program called Sound recorder, you can find it by clicking Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Entertainment, and then click Sound Recorder.
That’s how it looks:

First I looked about the settings:

Click on “Edit”-“Audio Properties” then you get this picture:

Under “Sound Recording” press the “Volume”-button then you get this window:

Those were my settings, the boxes at the very bottom means “mute”, my “Recording”-volume at the very left is also about 75% to maximum.

Ok, when you’ve done those settings, prepare your sound of the DS what you want to record and like in my example I pressed the play button of the ACWW music box simultaneously with the red Record button of the Sound Recorder:

When you can see the green line in the Sound Recorder control panel is moving like from big waves to little waves then you’re doing it right. The sound recording level is indicated by that, the more exaggerate the line is the higher is the level.

Stop your record and then you save it by pressing:

“File” – “save as…”

Then following window appears:

I wanted to convert it to a mp3-file so I chose:
As Filetype (Dateityp): All files(*.*) and
then press the “Change”(Ändern)-Button and the button to get this window:

Choose “MPEG-Layer 3” and when you did that

I selected the normal CD-quality with “44100Hz, 128 kbps, Stereo 15KB/Sek” and saved this file.

I don’t know if all Sound recorders are able to do this, but if not, just save it as CD-quality in PCM, the program will save it as a “wav”-file and you can download a “wav to mp3” – converter free from Internet to change it easily after that.
Oh another note: Windows Sound Recorder records up to 60s of music/sounds, but I think that would be enough, especially of not to hurt some copyrights or music licences because I can imagine that you might get trouble when you put the whole song for download on your blog in such a good quality.

Oh but Thea: I just looked after if the Wii has got an headphone exit, and it looks that it hasn’t got any!! 😯 (I can’t say for sure ’cause I don’t have one as you know xP ), so there are only two usb-ports and the RCA cable. I would use the RCA cable to connect to the line-in port of your computer. For this you need another adapter, the so called MINI STEREO JACKS(click on the name to see a pic of amazon). Put the white and red connector into the two sockets of the adapter and the adapter itself into the line-in port I described above. I hope this will work! 😳



  1. I was thinking ‘I don’t think my Wii has a head phone socket’ as I read your post. (after all, why would it need one?! Lol!).

    Ok, I will try but I don’t know how long it will take to save for the Mini Stereo Jacks xD

    Thank you! I really appreciate it – about the copy-right, do K.K. songs have copy-right, at the end of the songs, it says Copy-right Nintendo 2008, what about 2009? I don’t get it

    • Hmmm I think everything from Nintendo is under copyright, I wouldn’t take the risk to have trouble with them, but that’s just my opinion 😉

      • Yes, I agree. I think perhaps it means it was first copyrighted in 2008, and therefore people know when the copyright expires e.g. if a song was written in 2008 and was copyrighted the same year, 50 years later it expires, meaning it expires in 2058. I think that’s right, but I’m just going to assume it’s not mine to use xD

      • Nahhhhh. I upload nintendo music and nothing on youtube says anything about it matching 3rd Party Content in any way!

  2. cool!
    how do you find out about these things miki?

    • haha thanks Louise 😉
      Ummm how do I find those things out…
      1st… I’m much older than you and I grew up with computers lol
      2nd… I’ve got a technical background, I’ve studied electrical engineering (IT mainly) at university and therefore I’m an engineer
      3rd… Just try and don’t be afraid too much of making some mistakes on the computer. Also Internet is such a huge help to solve a problem, I’m still overwhelmed by the opportunities what Internet is giving to us.

      Just a few thoughts of me 😉

  3. oops my name cut infront

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    • Ugh, don’t you just LOVE spam? 🙄

  5. o_O thats complicated! lol

    • Sorry Tilly lol xD

  6. o yes i forgot to tell you! i caught a shark (15 missing now! my dream has almost come true!!) and i payed my home loan! now i have a library! i have a regal book case, classic couch, cabana lamp, phonograph, ivory piano and other stuff i forgot! if we can wifi this friday, 5pm/9am you know, it would be great if u could come and see it!

    • Yes I’ll come on Friday, looking forward to your new room ^^

      • yay! lol cyu there

  7. Did someone try this yet? I would love too.

  8. Sorry for double post but Can you explain more about connecting to the wii?

    • Ok I’ll try though it’s just theoratically lol. The Wii has got a RCA-cable, right? It looks like this:

      The white and red connector you should plug into the Mini Stereo Jacks what I’ve described earlier.
      Then plug the Mini Stereo Jack into the Line in-socket of your computer (you have to try what’s better working, either the pink coloured socket (mostly for microphones) or the blue one (Audio input)). Please write back when you tried it out. I also want to know if that works ^^

      • I should be able to afford Mini Stereo Jacks on 1st of July when I get my ten pound allowance, but I don’t want to waste my money so I’ll wait for Aly to try it first to see if it works 😉

        Thanks again for the post Mayu 😀

  9. Great! Just where can you get a “male-to-male stereo cable”? Remember, I’m from Canada… xD

    • Umm any electronic shop might have this? Or can you also buy at amazon? I think it isn’t that difficult to buy. Every shop who sells stereo systems might have these cables too 😉

  10. Wow! Thanks very much, dude! Or dudette! This worked like a chrm, and I managed to get that cable for only £1.88! I can record off my Tv, Ds, keyboard, psp, ipod, dvd player, stereo and anything else with a headphone/ minijack output! Thank you kindly!

    • Aww thanks for your nice comment, Matt! 😀 And I’m even happier to know, that this helped you ^^

  11. I’m so happy I found this explanation! Now I might be able to actually use music I’ve made with my DS….

    It took some time to find out even what this kind of cable is called… So male stereo cable (is audio the same kind of cable?), huh. Now to find out where to buy one of those bastards (aka if they’re in my local el-shops or not but I guess there’s just one way to find out that).

  12. does your ds need to be charged for this process to work

  13. Ok good ,now please tell me how to do this all on Windows 8!!! I’m having a big problem trying to enable “Rear Mic” and it says “Unavailable”. Help me please!

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