Posted by: Mayu | June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Claire!

I went to Julia this evening, and with me her town was full again:

Haha, Julia at the left, Liv with the short moustache in front of me and Claire at the right. Ohh and I’ve got good news today:

Claire has got birthday today! WOOOT! 😀

I went back to my town to fetch some presents and gave them later to Claire when I was in Zychowo again 😉

Well, we wanted all to go to Liv’s town, but before I could enter her town, it was suddenly full, lol. Never mind, then I’ll open:

And Matt and Rikki came for a visit, thanks guys! 😀

Yay, my hero Rikki, tehehehe.

That was a pic before I had to go afk for 15 min, but when I got back, Wifi was already broken, meeeh… I looked for other open gates and found Pixelpop, the town of Claire:

Hii, I’m glad to meet you people again here 😉 .And your flag is sooo nice, looks like a mosaic picture 😀

That’s Claire’s new pet, a hammerhead shark called “SB” – for “Slim Betty” LOL 😆

Having fun with shoveling above the patterns with Julia and Claire 😉

Rodeo looks REALLY scary on this pic, HELP!! 😯

Pixelpop is a town FULL of pretty patterns. The following ones are my favourites 🙂 :

Hahaha, what a funny alien/rabbit(?), sorry that I picked up a tile there 😳

Some glamorous patterns next to the museum and…

…Liv likes that pattern very much ^^

Isn’t this bridge just lovely and colourful? 🙂 Awesome!

Lifekiller Liv is on the road! Whaaaaa!! 😯 :mrgreen:

In the end I opened another time, Claire and Jake were already there ^^

Jake looks really cute without the 3D-glasses, don’t you think so too?

Well I had LOADS of fun this evening, hope to see you all again! 😀



  1. Hi mayu!
    That is so adorable!
    I luv it!

  2. Rodeo looks like a head on legs! :mrgreen:

    • Hahaha I had the same thoughts when I saw this pic xP

  3. Rodeo looks like he’s going to charge! It might be your red bandana xD

    • Ahhh you’re right Thea! That must be the reason! 😯 😆

  4. lol probably !!! 🙂

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