Posted by: Mayu | June 13, 2009

Crybabies in Mitsukyo

Full town again, this time there were Rikki (at the very left lol), Eileen♥ and Jake, he’s also hidden behind Eileen♥ xP

I gave Rikki a modern furniture set, and there is still the regal furniture lying on the ground for Zoe. Zoe, when can you fetch them and bring also the lost kitten? xD

Dr. Shrunk was in my town yesterday! 😀 So Eileen♥ and me had a crying party together lol. Haha Jake looks happy seeing us whining? 😆

This is a cute picture of us three 🙂

Don’t be afraid Rikki, I just have to plant another new money tree, as my old one has been plundered again by someone, sheeesh 🙄 😛

What are you mumbling towards your tree ‘lingg’, Eileen? Is it telling you some secrets? 😮
Well, Wifi crashed soon after this and Rikki and me went both to Jake’s town BLACKZ this time. To be continued in the next post… 😉



  1. Hi Miki

    könntest du mal ein Design von Rikki machen? Das wäre nett 😳

    • Gerne Rikki, willst du das mit der Irokesenperrücke oder lieber mit dem Hut?

  2. hmm. Ich glaube ich nehme,das mit dem Hut 😉

    Ich danke dir 🙂

  3. hi

    • Hi Jake lol

  4. WOW! You’re VERY lucky to get the Lost Kitten ALL the time! I’ve had the game since it came out, so it’s about 4 years now, and I do WiFi almost everyday, and I have never got her or her mother. Plus, I’m almost finished with my catalog, so I was trying to collect all of the Lost Kitten items. =( It’s really confusing. And, who knows how I am going to get the Picture, Portait or Music Box, I heard you can’t re-order them =( How odd, LOL. ❤

    • Whoa, you’ve been playing for that long and never had the katie/kaitlin event?!?!?? 😯
      That’s really weird!! xD

    • Humph lucky~ xD Good luck with your catalog Julie! My name’s Julie too! ❤

      • Ooooops I wasn’t logged in xP

      • Haha, thank you Julie! I will try! ❤

        • Do you have a friend code??? 😉

          • Still wasn’t logged in >.<

          • Yes I do! Here is my information:

            Name: Julie
            Town: Wildwood
            Friend Code: 1075 9809 3711

  5. mayu when you get done can you go to summers chat plz

  6. Haha!! I know!! But, I think I’ll survive, LOL. 🙂 Your have an awesome town and blog too! I visit it daily. XD ❤ Good job! 🙂

    • Are you a sister of chip? 🙂

      • No, sorry. ;)=) ❤

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