Posted by: Mayu | June 11, 2009

My last golden rod!!!

Yaaaay, FINALLY Haru has found her last fish of the catalogue:

The popeyed goldfish!!! Hoooray!! 😀 I found it in Geli’s town OT!

“I’ve caught all fish species”, yep, that’s true!! I’m so excited!!! 😆
Hehehe I love this expression 😉 !

After that I went home and saved and started the game again. Then Tortimer is waiting for me in front of my house. He said to me on this pic: ‘… but please take this golden rod!’ . Sure, Tortimer, sure!! :mrgreen:

After that again this lovely success expression xD. Cute!

Yaaaay, finally Haru got her golden rod, too! Now I won’t see this scene happen again to one of my four charas, sniff! But Haru still has to get the golden net and even the golden slingshot! Omg, poor Haru, sorry for being lazy with your chara xD.



  1. Congraulations! I still need a Pop-eyed goldfish^^

    • Thanks Thea! ^^ Is it also your last fish for your catalogue? 😛

      • Not quite, I need a Pop-eyed Goldfish, an Arowana, an Arampaima, a Sea Butterfly, an Angelfish and a Pirahna^^ (in Wild World xD).

        I need a lot in CF, as I’ve only been playing since December 😉

        • well that’s just a few! ^^ Are you still playing ACWW Thea? 😀

          • A bit with Jasmin, so at least once a week 😉

        • ive caught a arowana angle fish and piranha (and a popeye too lol)
          i need 17 more fish! most r common ones from august-march YEY

  2. Well done,
    With my character Jasmin I only have the dung beetle and the giant beetle left in the bugs section Yippi.
    Thats because I was time travelling to get all the bugs and fish. In the fish section I need about 10 or 11 fish till Jasmin gets the golden rod! One of the fish is the shark. I’ve got the hammerhead shark and the ocean sunfish but I haven’t got the shark! Bye bye

    • Thanks Jasmin^^
      Fingers crossed for your last fish 🙂

  3. Mayu, how did you get all kinds of fishes?
    Did you make a list of missing fishes for all charas?

    PS:Happy Halloween

    • I had a list of my missing items and fish/bugs, yes ^^ . You can also see in your fish catalogue how many fish are missing and when you compare the empty spots with a complete fish list, (my fish list is also ordered like in the catalogue btw) you know the names of it and when they appear in the game 🙂

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