Posted by: Mayu | June 11, 2009

Having fun with Alfie, Rikki, Louise, Jake, Sofia and Sally

Tonight Mitsukyo was always full again. Again another evening also with lots of Wifi crashes, but still it was very a nice evening 🙂

Louise is getting finally her prizes of Sorrel’s neighbour design compo, I hope you enjoy them Lou ^^. And I’m equipped with a net, because naughty Alfie was hitting me with his net and then escaped and was hiding from me! Arrrgh! 👿 😆

Yay, you look cute with the halo 🙂 (Alfiiiiee, where are you….? :twisted:)

Ha! Found you!! :mrgreen:

Here you got your punch back! Muahahahaha! 😆

Phihihihi, you look crazy on this pic Alfie xD LOL

Rikki was also there, hiii! 😀 What’s an evening without you? 😉

Hmmm was I glad that Alfie had to go or am I just adoring Copper?? 😆

Drooooool…. shhhhh…Louise is sleeping on the clouds… :mrgreen:

When Alfie left, Jake from BLACKZ came instead, hello again 🙂

Even Lou was awake now, haha!

Then Sofia, a new ACWW friend from USA, came for a visit! Yay, nice to meet you! 😀

She changed the hair colour and she said she doesn’t like it, but it looks cute, Sofia! Don’t worry 😉

I gave Jake some of my town patterns like the bridge design here.

Let’s make a group pic! Cheeeese! Awesome! 😀

My last visitor for today was Sally from koeln. Sorry that I’ve got this only pic of you, but you look great on it! xD lol
Thanks for the fun, people! 😀



  1. kool you got pics of us hehehe

  2. how do u get these pics they r awesome

  3. awesome but then, i kind of started to like the color of my hair and so then i left it like that and love my new style of hair! cool miki you are totally awesome! lol i want to get connected with you again it was fun!

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