Posted by: Mayu | June 5, 2009

Going fishing is fun!

…especially in ACWW summer! :mrgreen:

Squuez, oops, soory Matt and Julia, I just wanted to show off my just caught ocean sunfish! 😆 I hope you didn’t get wet! xP

Well bu-bye sunfish, I hope you are doing well in my pond! :mrgreen:
And hello Milo! 😉

Matt caught a dorado! Awesome!! 😀

And Milo also an Arowana! Congrats! 8)

Hehehe you both are really great fishermen ^^

Huhuuuuu Julia!!! *waveslikemad*

Aren’t we all nicely lined up? Tehehehe. :mrgreen:

Ohh, this shirt fits perfectly to your new hairstyle Julia, I like it very much ^^

Later on Liv came also for a visit after Matt had to go, nice to see you again 🙂

And also Kinsei♥ visited us, yaay. Most of the evening we just went fishing, my favourite job in ACWW ;).



  1. Awwwwwwwwww, was that Fatty Betty? Lol, I’d like to meet her xD Wow, Milo caught a Dorado! Jasmin caught one of those on Thursday and Blathers went all exciteable!

    • Lol, actually I named her Fatty Brenda but Fatty Betty sounds MUCH better!!! xDD
      She’s still in my dark room with the creepy K.K. music in the background 😛

      • on cf i have a sunfish in my house called angus! he has a friend who is an eel
        called fred! it is very random! he he he

        • o and when we wified that 2nd time, the first pic u took i saved it, cropped it and made it my avatar (it is working on claires accf site) it looks very randomly cute XD. it should work soon

          • Yes I see it, it’s really cute ^^

        • Hehe Angus and Fred! xP Nice names 😆

      • Ohh, sorry! No, Fatty Brenda is cool too^^

      • haha Fatty betty! 😆 thats funny sry i havent been on in a while 😉

        • Yay oh i caught 3 hammerhead sharks, an ocean sunfish, and an arowana!

        • No problem, welcome back Rebecca! 😀

          • It is good 2 be back lol 😆

  2. Wait…when you asked about my FC was it
    2922 6342 0197?
    Beacuse that’s mine now, if It changed.

    • Yes it changed, I saw this comment yesterday evening while I was in game play therefore I didn’t answer yet ;). And that’s why you see my gates later on because I changed it lol. Glad you told me your FC again 😀

  3. 😆 I see you right now! Mitsukyo is open, but it’s full! x3

  4. woot liv thanks for coming! it was so fun!
    from tilly and mashi♥

    • yes tilly i had lots a fun too ^^

      • sorry thatwaas me

  5. Aww! Sorry, but my mom has JUST told me that today we’re going to a friend’s open house who just graduated. It’s from 1-5, so I can’t make it. 😦
    maybe next weekend?

    • Aww, what a pity… but never mind, don’t worry we’ll try it next weekend, ok! 😀
      And summer holidays are also soon, am I right? Then we have more chances to meet up 😉

      • Our holidays don’t start for 7 weeks! Gosh that sounds so long away… 😦

        • 7 weeks you have still to wait? Omg, that’s really long… 😦

      • Correct, indeed. 😉
        We get out the 17th at about 6 o’clock your time

        • Ohh cool that’s next week 😀

  6. HEY R U WEARING MY BONNET ??????????????????????/

    • Yes, sorry xD. We have to meet up that I can give it to you 😛

  7. oops sorry “anonymous” is fluffers1490 not logged in 😆

  8. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo may!

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