Posted by: Mayu | June 4, 2009

Pigtail gang in Zychowo

I had a lot of fun in Zychowo and later on in Santoké tonight ^^

First there were only Julia and me in Zychowo but then…

Eileen♥ was there!! YAAAAAAAAY, my old Singaporean friend is still playing ACWW, how cool xD. (Well in her holidays at least 😛 )

Hehe we persuaded Julia to get a pigtail hairstyle, too. Aren’t we all cute? From left to right there were Eileen♥, Zoe, who just came a few seconds later than Eileen :D, Julia and me in the background.
Actually, it took me SEVERALS pics to get one where we all look quite normal, because MOST of my pics with 4 people on it ONE of them is always looking like:

envious Eileen♥ or terribly tired Julia… 😆


sleeping Zoe or bored Miki! :mrgreen: Aww, it’s not always easy to choose the right pic to show to you 😛 .

I knew that Zoe had bought a lot of turnips this time, so I offered her to sell them at Geli’s town too for 435 bells 😉 . So we all went to Santoké where I fetched Zoe’s turnips and to change after that to my chara Haru to sell them in OT:

Helllooo Geli, oh my…. you look so tired next to the gates lol.

When I was finished I hit together with Liv and Eileen♥ the car of Gracie, muahahaha 😈 .That was fun!



  1. man…i loved hitting gracies car maaan!

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