Posted by: Mayu | June 3, 2009

Perfect town in Santoké

I had a date with Zoe this evening to help her getting perfect town in her new town Santoké 😉 .

Awww what a lovely welcome! 😀 Even with such cute patterns, thanks a lot Zoe, you’re also a very precious friend to me (you too Liv (who’s at the left ) 😀 )

Milo made another new town and that’s his new chara. As always, please readd him again xD

In total I brought around 70 normal flowers to Santoké, the more the better to get PTS ^^. All the others were busy to spread them over the town and we’ve been really hard working for it.

I also spread some when I was finished with bringing flowers.

And we did it!! Yaaay, Phyllis said Santoké is sheer lunacy!! 😀 😀

Congrats Zoe!! Hooray! We’re quite a good team, aren’t we? All of us, Liv, Milo, Zoe and me helped several time getting perfect towns to people, so I’m not surprised that we got it after almost just 30 minutes! Hahaha, that’s new record 😛 !

After that we visited some her Zoe’s neighbours like Coco:

Ohh the alien looks cool 😮

And I like Tiffany’s red ears and her cute red hands, but her make-up is tooooooo much!! 😆

Later on we went over to my town. Liv just caught a firefly. They are soo pretty!

And Liv wanted me to show you what she has written on the bulletin board! Aww thanks so much Liv, I didn’t know that you’re a real poet! 😉

Zoe took the chance to change her hairstyle into a more summerlike look! Awesome! 😀

Hahaha, well done Liv and Milo! Both of you caught hammer heads! xD Coooool! 8)


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