Posted by: Mayu | June 3, 2009

June event: ACWW Sound Quiz!

Hehehe this time I thought a
ACWW Sound Quiz
would be nice to held! 😀

So, what’s about it you ask? Well, I’ll show you 20 different sounds and you have to guess

What’s Mayu doing in the sounds right now?
(those pictures are random and mustn’t show the actions I’m doing)

Sound 1
Sound 2
Sound 3
Sound 4
Sound 5
Sound 6
Sound 7
Sound 8
Sound 9
Sound 10
Sound 11
Sound 12
Sound 13
Sound 14
Sound 15
Sound 16
Sound 17
Sound 18
Sound 19
Sound 20


  • Try to describe it as good as possible, for the full and exactly answer you’ll get 2 points for each sound, if you guessed it almost right you get even 1 point. You don’t have to answer all questions if you don’t know it. So full points available are: 40 Points!
  • Before you answer, write – and that’s important!!!!SECRET SOLUTION somewhere in your comment! Because then your answer is awaiting moderation from me, and others couldn’t see it. I’ll keep them secret until first day of July where I give you the results ^^
  • Take your time, this quiz take place over 1 month, you can also answer at the very last day of June 30th
  • Just one solution per person! No additions, no “Oh I forgot something” xD – the first solution you gave me counts!

Now to the prizes:
The 1st winner gets all missing K.K. Songs for his record player (if he/she wants to) or if the person has got all – 15 hybrids!

The 2nd winner gets all possible stereo players and 5 free choosable K.K. songs in ACWW lol!

The 3rd winner gets 5 free choosable K.K. songs

I’ll ask my son Noni that he’ll cheat the K.K. songs for me, if you feel uncomfortable with cheated items (what I also can understand) please give me a hint and you’ll get other non cheated items from me ;).

One last thing, I’ve uploaded all sounds to a file sharing host, and when too many people are downloading these sounds, it could be that my limit of sharing these files are exceeded so that no one can hear them until next bandwith reset. But I think that’s almost impossible, because those sounds are really small in size and all in all I’ve got a bandwith limit of 5GB(!) and it would be a miracle if that ever happens 😆 But you never know 😉


I got solutions from: Julie, Nico, Alice, Aaron, Tilly, fluffers1490, Jessie, Smokie, Leaves, Jaimee, Thea+Molly+Jasmin, Alfonso, Julia, Louise, Julie_2(not the first Julie), lightshine32, Purple Sword



  1. and that’s important!!!! – SECRET SOLUTION

    1. Fish catching OK – 2 points
    2. Axe Breaking OK – 2 points
    3. Present Shooting OK – 2 points
    4. Bug Catching OK – 1 points (what bug? it can be heard)
    5. Bees! (Getting Stung) OK – 2 points
    6. Furniture out of tree OK – 2 points
    7. Burying something OK – 1 point (what do you bury?)
    8. Getting caught in Pitfall seed OK – 2 points
    9. Dug up something OK – 2 points
    10. Harriet – Getting your hair done OK – 2 points
    11. Magic Rock – Getting money OK – 2 points
    12. Drinking coffee. OK – 2 points
    13. Getting dressed. OK – 2 points
    14. Burying something Not quite – 1 points
    15. Not doing the shovel or axe right (almost falling) OK – 2 points
    16. Running, then stopping OK – 2 points
    17. Looking at constelations (stars) OK – 2 points
    18. Talking to Tommy and Timmy in Nookingtons OK – 2 points
    19. Closing Gates OK – 2 points
    20. Someone noticing you. Not quite – 1 points

    I hope you get these, Mayu!! Thankss! – Julie

    In total: 36 points!

  2. Would it be okay if you explained the second rule for me?I don’t really understand it.

    1.Du hast ein Fisch geangelt OK – 2points
    2. Du haust dein Axt gegen einen Stein und zerbricht OK – 2points
    3. Ein Balloon ist vorbei getroffen, hast dein Sleuder geholt und hat den Balloon runter geschossen OK – 2points
    4. Du hast ein Käfer gefangen What bug? – 1points
    5. Du hast den ersten Baum gerüttel kamm aber nix. Dann hast du den zweiten Baum gerüttelt und fällt Bienenstock runter und du wurdest gestochen xD (lustig) OK – 2points
    6. Ein Item fiel runter, asl du einen Baum gerüttelt hast OK – 2points
    7. Du hast ein Baby Baum gepflanzt oder eine Blume OK – 2points
    8. haha du bist in eine Falle getppt und hat dann Matrix gemacht xD OK – 2points
    9. Du hast entweder Fossil/Gyroid oder Falle ausgegraben OK – 2points
    10. Du hast die Frisur geändert (bei trude) OK – 2points
    11. Du hast den Geldstein mit dem Schaufel zum heulen gebracht xD OK – 2points
    12. Du hast Kaffe getrunken OK – 2points
    13. Du ziehst klamotten oder Werkzeuge oder hüte oder Blumen etc.. OK – 2points
    14. Du verdeckst löcher mit deine kanne oder beine (Füße) OK – 2points
    15. Du schaufelst am wasser OK – 2points
    16. Du läufst und dann bremmst OK – 2points
    17. Du beobachtest Sterne OK – 2points
    18. Du verkaufst sachen bei Nook Not at Tom Nook – 1points
    19. Du hast dein Tor geöffnet ( über wifi) other way lol – 1points
    20. Ein nachbar hat dich gesehen und hat angefange über sein Kopf zeiche auftauchen ( erbraucht etwas von dir) neighbour yes, but not talking to me – 1points

    In total: 36 points

  4. Aaron just write the word “SECRET SOLUTION” first and then your answer after that write the word “SECRET SOLUTION” again =D

    • oops sorry just trying to explain Aaron what to do xD

  5. Doesn’t the comments just pop up without moderation?Or is that just my computer?

  6. Aaron these words “SECRET SOLUTION” will make all comments go into moderation (I’ve set it up in the “Discussion” area), so that all answers will be hidden until I approve them at 1st of July 😉

    PS: Yes your comment before went into moderation xD

    1.da hast du nen fisch am meer gefangen OK – 2points
    2.da hast du deine axt gegen einen stein gehauen bis sie zerbrochen ist OK – 2points
    3.da hast du die schleuder rausgeholt und einen luftballon abgeschossen OK – 2points
    4.da hast du ein insekt gefangen Welches? Kann man hören – 1 point
    5.da hast du an 2 bäumen gerüttelt, im 2. waren bienen die dich gestochen haben OK – 2points
    6.da hast du an einem baum geschüttelt in dem ein möbelstück war OK – 2points
    7.da hast du … irgendwas eingegraben Was? – 1point
    8.da hast du dich aus einer falle befreit OK – 2points
    9.da hast du irgendwas ausgegraben OK – 2points
    10.da hast du dir bei schampudel eine neue frisur gemacht OK – 2points
    11.da hast du auf einen sternistein gehauen OK – 2points
    12.da hast du im taubenschlag kaffee getrunken OK – 2points
    13.da hast du dich 3 mal umgezogen OK – 2points
    14.da hast du 4 löcher mit dem fuß zugemacht OK – 2points
    15.da hast du 4 mal mit einer axt oder schaufel auf einem design A gedrückt OK – 2points
    16.da bist du 5 mal beim rennen ganz schnell umgedreht (oder wie man das nennt) OK – 2points
    17.da hast du im observatorium sterne angeguckt OK – 2points
    18.da hast du bei hypernook ein tischspielzeug gekauft Haha 1 Punkt Abzug weil du Timmy und Tommy nicht gehört hast, aber das Tischspielzeug macht es wieder wett lol – 2points
    19.da hast du dein tor zugemacht OK – 2points
    20.da hast du einem bewohner zugewunken OK – 2points

    In total: 38 points

  8. Ohhh….okay I get now.Don’t count the one above your comment because that was an example.Thnx for answering my question!

  9. hast du das von mir auch gekriegt?

    • jepp

  10. Mayu bitte vergisst nicht Zoe zu sage mich zu adden danke 😉

  11. Name: Aaron
    1.Your at an ocean, a river, or a pond catching either a fish, or garbage. OK – 2points
    2.Your hitting a tree or a rock with a regular axe not a golden axe, but sadly your axe broke. OK – 2points
    3.You heard the wind blow a present in the sky, so you opened your inventory got your slingshot, wind is blowing again, equipped your slingshot and shot the present down. OK – 2points
    4.You had a net in your hand, found a bug, and caught the bug successfully. You can hear what bug – 1points
    5.You shook a tree, a beehive came out, you didn’t run I guess, so you got bit in the eye. OK – 2points
    6.You shook a tree and some furniture came out.
    7.You went in your inventory, got out your shovel, and buried a hole that you made. Not quite – 1point
    8.You fell in a pitfall seed that was buried, and your pressing the A button to try to get out. OK – 2points
    9.You found a star shaped mark in the ground, so you dug it up, and found a fossil or a gyroid. OK – 2points
    10.You went to get a hairdo at Nookington’s with Harriet, she asks you questions, then she starts the machine, then poof, your new hairdo. OK – 2points
    11.You used a shovel or axe to hit a money rock, then bags of bells comes out of the rock. OK – 2points
    12.You went to the cafe in the museum, you talked to Brewster to get coffee, and you drunk the coffee. OK – 2points
    13.You got your inventory out, and you equipped an item, or wore an item.OK – 2points
    14.You dug holes with your shovel. Not quite – 1point
    15.Your dropping items on the ground. No sorry – 0 point
    16.Your like ( this is hard to explain ) running then you kinda stop and turn a little, when you do that, there’s kinda like a cloud of dust. OK – 2points
    17.Your in the observatory adjusting the telescope to the place you want, then you continue to talk on with Celeste. OK – 2points
    18.Your in Nookington’s, choosing an item to buy, then Tom Nook, Timmy or Tommy tells what the price is, then you pay. You can hear who it was – 1points
    19.Your at the gates telling Copper to open gates, then the gates open. Opposite – 1 points
    20.Its either you have an emote thats a exclamation mark or those three lines, or your listening to an animal’s conversation, or an animal needs you with three lines above their head or exclamtion mark above their head. Not quite – 1point

    In total: 32 points

  12. guess wat! im doin this on my DSi! Yeah, i got one. ill send my new friend code when i hav time.

    1 catching fish OK – 2points
    2 sbreaking your axe OK – 2points
    3 using slingshot OK – 2points
    4 catching bug What bug? – 1points
    5 stung by bees OK – 2points
    6 furniture dropping from tree OK – 2points
    7 burying something What am I burying? – 1point
    8 caught in pitfall OK – 2points
    9 find something buried OK – 2points
    10 getting your hair done OK – 2points
    11 money rock-get 1k,2k,and 4k bags of money plus some coins OK – 2points
    12 having coffee at brewsters OK – 2points
    13 changing clothes OK – 2points
    14 burying holes (by pressing b while holding and equip other than shovel) OK – 2points
    15 using ur axe/shovel over water or ground(only works with axe) OK – 2points
    16 running then quickly changing directions OK – 2points
    17 stargazing OK – 2points
    18 buying something from timmy and tommy OK – 2points
    19 closing gates OK – 2points
    20 waving at someone OK – 2points

    hope i won XD

    In total: 38 points

    • OH DEAR! You forgot to put “SECRET SOLUTION” at the end!!! THIS ISN’T AWAITING MODERATION!!! 😯

      • OOPS 😯

    1) Catching a fish from the ocean shore OK – 2points
    2) Hitting your obviously not-golden axe on a rock and breaking it OK – 2points
    3) You hearing a balloon, running across pavement and ground, equipping your slingshot, running across some more ground and pavement, and shooting the present dow, and finally it hits the ground *PHEW* OK – 2points
    4) You catching a misquito close to a water source that is not the ocean Argh almost!! xD not mosquito – nevertheless 2 points
    5) you shaking a tree, then shaking a 2nd tree and bees falling out, then you run a bit and then you are stung by bees, followed by the “sad” music OK – 2points
    6) you shaking a tree and a furniture item falling out OK – 2points
    7) you choosing a plant/moneybag/fruit/shovel item out of your inventory, and then planting it to grow either flowers, a golden shovel tree, a money tree, or a plant/regualr tree. OK, very good! – 2points
    8) the sound of someone falling in a pitfall hole, then getting out OK – 2points
    9) Digging somthing out of a hole with a shovel OK – 2points
    10) harriet talking, then walking, then the shampoodle hair machine thingy going on, then harriet talking some more OK – 2points
    11) hitting the “Magic rock” with a shovel and getting 7,920 coins out of it. (Near water that is not ocean) OK (but it was 8000 lol) – 2points
    12) drinking a cup of coffee at the roost OK – 2points
    13) changing a clothing/acsessory item 3 times OK – 2points
    14) kicking dirt into 4 holes OK – 2points
    15)????? What a pity 😉 – 0points
    16) running, skidding from turning fast, and running the other way 5 times OK – 2points
    17) looking through the telescope at the observatory and then that girl owl talking (4get her name 😦 ) OK – 2points
    18) Buying somthing from the upper floor of nookington’s from tommy and timmy OK – 2points
    19) closing the gate at the main gate OK – 2points
    20) waving/bowing to a friend across a river or lake OK – 2points

    In total: 38 points

  15. Geeze, that sure took me long enough!!! 😯

  16. Uh, Tilly you spelled secret wrong, so your comment will be seen by everyone.They might copy your answer.Everyone will see your answer.-.-

  17. Oh dear!!! I just figured out what the one I didn’t know was T-T too bad it’s a one-shot deal


    sound 1 : caught a fish OK – 2points
    sound 2 : breaking your axe. OK – 2points
    sound 3 : the wind blowing the present, opening inventory, using slingshot and then the present falling OK – 2points
    sound 4 : caught a bug What bug? – 1point
    sound 5 : Being stung by bees. OK – 2points
    sound 6 : leaf/furniture/item dropping out of tree. OK – 2points
    sound 7 : burying a sapling or fruit OK – 2points
    sound 8 : shaking yourself in a pitfall. OK – 2points
    sound 9 : digging up an an item in the ground OK – 2points
    sound 10 : Harriet doing your hair with her machine. OK – 2points
    sound 11 : hitting numerous bags/coins of money out of a money rock. OK – 2points
    sound 12 : the sound/comment that comes after you drink a cup of coffee at the roost. OK – 2points
    sound 13 : changing clothes, putting on equipment or putting on accessories or hats. OK – 2points
    sound 14 : burying a hole with your foot.OK – 2points
    sound 15 : using equipment and missing. For example, an axe in a place where theres no tree. Or a shovel on a area with a pattern.OK – 2points
    sound 16 : Running, then abruptly turning. Its like “braking” OK – 2points
    sound 17 : making a star. Almost, looking on stars 😉 – nevertheless 2points
    sound 18 : Buying or selling something at Tom Nook’s. But who of the Nooks – 1points
    sound 19 : closing or opening of gates. You can hear the difference – 1point
    sound 20 : either waving to someone, or they see you and get the three little lines or exclamation mark above their head when they see you. OK – 2points


    In total: 37 points

  19. aww man! oops! plz no one cheat!!

  20. Don’t worry Tilly I’ve put your answer soon into moderation when I saw that 😉
    I think not many people have seen your solutions ^^

  21. Hi Mayu
    was ist der höchste Punkt, den mann in einem Antwort bekommen kann?
    p.s. Am besten hat mir di nummer 5 geffalen xD 😆

    • Hm? Man kann jeweils 2 Punkte pro Antwort kriegen, insgesamt also 40 Punkte 😀
      Und hehehe ja, ich fands auch witzig zu hören, aber ich sehe bei den ganzen Antworten schon, dass viiiele fast alles richtig haben (noch hat keiner 40 Punkte) und ich weiß dann noch nicht was ich mit sovielen ersten, zweiten und dritten Platzierten mache LOL. War vllt zu einfach diese Geräusche 😛

    1 – Fisch geangelt OK – 2points
    2 – Axt zerbrochen OK – 2points
    3 – vorbeifliegendes Paket abgeschossen OK – 2points
    4 – Insekt gefangen? Welches? xD – 1point
    5 – Hehe! Baum schütteln, Wabe fällt, Bienen-Attack OK – 2points
    6 – Blatt(Item) fällt vom Baum OK – 2points
    7 – Menü auf – Item/Baum/blume verbuddeln ^^ OK – 2points
    8 – aus Falle “rausklettern” OK – 2points
    9 – Fossil/Gyroid gefunden OK – 2points
    10 – Neue Frisur OK – 2points
    11 – Geldstein ausgeräumt mit Schaufel! 😛 OK – 2points
    12 – Kaffee bei Kofi! 😀 OK – 2points
    13 – Kleidungsstück wechseln OK – 2points
    14 – Löcher zuschütten OK – 2points
    15 – mit der Axt in die Luft hauen OK – 2points
    16 – laufen und abbremsen OK – 2points
    17 – Einkauf bei Sina & Tina Nein leider gar nicht lol – 0points
    18 – Bei Nook was kaufen ^^ Man kann hören dass es bei den Neffen war 😉 -1 point
    19 – Tor nach onlinehausen verschließen OK – 2points
    20 – Ein Tierchen, dass auf einen aufmerksam wird Fast! – 1 point

    In total: 35 points

  23. Lol, I just checked my answers and I guess I was just typing instead of thinking.I made some word errors.Well, at least I got some points.I was eating when I was doing it so I was, ” Eat, Type, Eat, Type”.Lol

    • Lol awww Aaron, you should have done it with more patience lol. But your score isn’t that bad 😉

  24. Hello Mayu, here is my SECRET SOLUTION:
    1. you were fishing and you caught something OK – 2points
    2. you hit a rock with your axe alot and it broke OK – 2points
    3. you shot a present down from the sky OK – 2points
    4. you caught a mosquito or a fly Almost, but nevertheless – 2points 😉 (it was a bee)
    5. you shook 2 trees and a beehive came out and you got stung OK – 2points
    6. you shook a tree and got furniture OK – 2points
    7. burying something OK – 2points
    8. trying to get out of a pitfall OK – 2points
    9. caught a mole cricket No sorry – 0point
    10. ummm did you shoot down Gulliver??? Noo xD – 0 points
    11. you hit the bell rock 7 times OK – 2points
    12. drinking coffee in The Roost OK – 2points
    13. putting on a shirt, hat, and accessory OK – 2points
    14. eating fruit No – 0 points
    15. you tried to dig a hole in the ocean, river, or a pattern OK – 2points
    16. you ran and turned around 5 times OK – 2points
    17. viewing constellations OK – 2points
    18. i think you were getting a haircut but not sure No – 0 points
    19. you opened you gates Other way around – 1 point
    20. some villager wanted to talk to you and had the three lines coming out of him/her Not quite – 1point

    well thats my secret solution
    Did I get a good score?
    If I won something then on July 1st just acknowledge me and bump the next person up cause I don’t have Wi-fi . . . 😦

    In total: 30 points

    1. Catching a fish. OK – 2points
    2. Breaking your axe. OK – 2points
    3. Shooting down a balloon. OK – 2points
    4. Catching a honeybee. Yaay very good, the only person yet who guessed it right – 2points
    5. Shaking a tree and being stung by a bee. OK – 2points
    6. Shaking a tree and getting furniture out of it. OK – 2points
    7. Getting out your shovel and planting a fruit tree(or burying a piece of fruit). OK – 2points
    8. Falling in, and making your way out, of a pitfall. OK – 2points
    9. Digging something up, perhaps a fossil or a gyroid. OK – 2points
    10. Talking to Harriet and getting your hair done by her. OK – 2points
    11. Hitting a rock with your shovel 7 times and getting bells out of it 7 times. OK – 2points
    12. Getting a cup of coffee from Brewster and drinking it. OK – 2points
    13. Putting on a new outfit. Perhaps a shirt, hat and glasses. OK – 2points
    14. Filling up holes without your shovel, just kicking them in. OK – 2points
    15. Using a shovel, or maybe an axe, and using it over water or a ledge. OK – 2points
    16. Running quickly in one direction, then immediately turning in the opposite direction, pausing to a halt and then running the way you intended. OK – 2points
    17. Stargazing at the observatory and talking to Celeste. OK – 2points
    18. Buying an executive toy upstairs in Nookingtons. Wow, awesome!! – 2points
    19. Copper, not Mayu, is closing the Mitsukyo town gates as Mayu instructed. OK – 2points
    20. Waving to a villager. Perfect! – 2points

    Hope this worked! 🙂

    In total: 40 points!! Amazing, were you looking over my shoulder?!? lol

  26. Mayu, the design you’re wearing in the second picture up top, where you’re holding an octopus, is really nice! 🙂

    • Ah thanks I think that was a rose pattern what I’ve found on a japanese board. They make all such cute patterns x3


    Name: Thea, Molly and Jasmin

    Sound 1: Catching a fish at the beach OK – 2points

    Sound 2: Breaking an axe on a building OK – 2points

    Sound 3: Hitting down a balloon OK – 2points

    Sound 4: Catching a honeybee Very good! – 2points

    Sound 5: Shaking a tree and getting stung by bees OK – 2points

    Sound 6: Shaking a furniture leaf out of a tree OK – 2points

    Sound 7: Burying a tree/item OK – 2points

    Sound 8: Getting out from a pitfall OK – 2points

    Sound 9: Digging up something OK – 2points

    Sound 10: Getting your hair done at Shampoodle OK – 2points

    Sound 11: Hitting money rock 7 times OK – 2points

    Sound 12: Drinking coffee at the Roost (Brewster’s cafe) OK – 2points

    Sound 13: Changing clothes OK – 2points

    Sound 14: Kicking in a hole OK – 2points

    Sound 15: Swinging axe through air OK – 2points

    Sound 16: Skidding OK – 2points

    Sound 17: Stargazing at the observatory OK – 2points

    Sound 18: Buying something at Nookingtons OK – 2points

    Sound 19: Closing your gate OK – 2points

    Sound 20: Waving at a villager Huh?? I thought you’ve written something different, sorryyy xD you’re right, that was ok – 2points


    Me, Jasmin and Molly worked on this together because none of us have Wifi so we won’t need a prize if we win (unfortunately… xP).
    Hope this is OK, and we think it was a cool idea for a Sound Quiz!
    In total: 40 points!!

    • Oooooooooooooooh! Where did I loose the points for the last one? Lol, it was a great quiz Mayu 😀

      • Hmmm?? How did you know that you loose points for the last one? ❓
        Just a few days and I’ll show you all the results.

        • Lol, I can still see my comments that have been put into moderation^^ And I’m sure everyone else can see their results too if they’re on the same computer that they sent their answers 😉

          • Ohh I didn’t know LOL, so everyone can see their results now, as I only edited your answers hahaha xD.
            Thanks for telling me 😉


    1. Mayu is throwing the fishing rod’s bob in the water and then she is catching a fish. OK – 2points
    2. Mayu is breaking her axe on a rock or house. OK – 2points
    3. Mayu is equipping her slingshot and shooting down a present from the sky. OK – 2points
    4. Mayu is catching a bug. What bug? – 1point
    5. Mayu is shaking trees, and then she is stung by bees! OK – 2points
    6. Mayu is shaking a tree and watching a piece of furniture come down. OK – 2points
    7. Mayu is burying a flower seed/planting a flower seed. OK – 2points
    8. Mayu is trying to escape from a pitfall! (Ah, how often you have to do that xD) OK – 2points
    9. Mayu is digging up something that was buried underground. OK – 2points
    10. Mayu is talking to Harriet and Shampoodle, and then she gets a new haircut. OK – 2points
    11. Mayu is whacking the bells out of the lucky money rock. OK – 2points
    12. Mayu is enjoying a cup of Brewster’s special coffee. OK – 2points
    13. Mayu is changing her clothes. OK – 2points
    14. Mayu is filling in holes with her foot, by pressing the B button while not holding a shovel. OK – 2points
    15. Mayu is swinging her shovel, but missing and nearly falling over because the game won’t let her dig there (for example, she could be swinging her shovel next to a pond or a river). OK – 2points
    16. Mayu is running and then quickly turning away, causing her to skid! OK – 2points
    17. Mayu is gazing at the stars, using the telescope in Celeste’s observatory, in the museum. OK – 2points
    18. Mayu is buying something at Nookingtons. Where exactly? – 1point
    19. Mayu is opening the gates to Mitsukyo! Other way around! – 1point
    20. Mayu is waving to one of her villager-friends. xD Ok – 2points

    That was fun! I enjoyed it. 🙂

    In total: 37 points

  29. What a fun quiz and event to have! I wish it was for ACCF as well. Maybe next time? 😀

    • Thanks Claire 😀 . You can do it next time with the ACCF, I bet there would be many people who would like to participate there too 😉

  30. Sound 1 = Fisch angeln und ihn dann in der Hand halten und zeigen und sich freuen 😉 OK – 2points
    Sound 2 = Baum fällen und die Axt zerbrechen, die vorher schon angeknackst war. OK – 2points
    Sound 3 = Paket fliegen hören, dann dahin rennen, im Menü die Schleuder auswählen, das Paket beim ersten Mal abschießen und auf den Boden fallen hören. OK – 2points
    Sound 4 = Eine Mücke schwirren hören und es dann fangen und hochhalten und sich freuen. Fast, keine Mücke –trotzdem 2points
    Sound 5 = Am Baum schütteln, ein Wespennest herunterfallen hören und dann gestochen werden und weinen. OK – 2points
    Sound 6 = Ein Möbelstück vom Baum schütteln. OK – 2points
    Sound 7 = Ein Möbelstück aus dem Menü holen und vergraben. Auch kein Möbelstück, man kann danach was ploppen hören – 1point
    Sound 8 = In einer Falle gefangen sein und dann herausspringen. OK – 2points
    Sound 9 = Ein Fossil oder einen Gyroiden oder ein Möbelstück ausgraben und sich freuen. OK – 2points
    Sound 10 = Beim Frisör die Frisur ändern lassen mit der Haube wenn man auf dem Stuhl sitzt. OK – 2points
    Sound 11 = Gegen einen Stein schlagen und das Geld herausbekommen und es über die Tausendergrenze schaffen, denn es piept  OK – 2points
    Sound 12 = Bei Kofi Kaffee trinken und sich freuen. OK – 2points
    Sound 13 = Im Menü herumklicken und die Kleidung oder Ausstattung wechseln. OK – 2points
    Sound 14 = Im Wifi-Modus Löcher mit den Füßen zuscharren. OK – 2points
    Sound 15 = Mit der Schaufel in der Hand auf Designs stehen und versuchen zu schaufeln. OK – 2points
    Sound 16 = Herumlaufen, und das Steuerkreuz schnell in die andere Richtung drücken, damit es Bremsgeräusche macht. OK – 2points
    Sound 17 = Im Planetarium das Teleskop herumdrehen und dann mit Eufemia sprechen. OK – 2points
    Sound 18 = Mit Tom Nook reden und etwas kaufen oder verkaufen. Nicht Tom Nook – 1point
    Sound 19 = Das Tor zumachen lassen. OK – 2points
    Sound 20 = herumgehen und auf einen Bewohner treffen, dem man über den Fluss zuwinkt. OK – 2points


    In total: 38 points

  31. I have not had the chance to go through them all because it is so long and I can not be botherd if you would shorten how many sounds there are

    • hi
      just thought this might help i dont want an argument but esme from twilight (if thts hu u meen) is spelt esme
      hope tht helps.
      frm louise

    1. Catching a fish OK – 2points
    2. Breaking an axe OK – 2points
    3. Shooting a balloon down OK – 2points
    4. Catching a bee Very good – 2points
    5. Shaking a tree and being stung by bees OK – 2points
    6. Furniture falling out of a tree OK – 2points
    7. Burying plant/tree OK – 2points
    8. Jumping out of a pitfall OK – 2points
    9. Digging something out of the ground OK – 2points
    10. Getting a new hair style OK – 2points
    11. Hitting the money rock and getting all of it the money OK – 2points
    12. Drinking a coffee from brewster OK – 2points
    13. Changing Equipment OK – 2points
    14. Covering holes with feet OK – 2points
    15. Trying to dig on a pattern on the floor OK – 2points
    16. Skidding OK – 2points
    17. Looking through the constellations OK – 2points
    18. Buying something from Nookingtons Where exactly? – 1point
    19. Closing the gate at the main gate OK – 2points
    20. One of the neighbours wanting to speek to you Not quite – 1point

    I cant wait till the results come in.

    In total: 38 points

  33. My answers: SECRET SOLUTION

    1. Caught a fish OK – 2points
    2. Broke axe OK – 2points
    3. Shot down present OK – 2points
    4. Caught a bug What bug? – 1point
    5. Got a bee sting OK – 2points
    6. Shaking a tree What’s falling out? – 1point
    7. Planting a tree OK – 2points
    8. Fell in a pitfall OK – 2points
    9. Dug up an item OK – 2points
    10. Getting a new hair style OK – 2points
    11. Hitting the money rock OK – 2points
    12. Drinking coffee OK – 2points
    13. Equipping item OK – 2points
    14. Burying holes without shovel OK – 2points
    15. trying to dig on a design OK – 2points
    16. Run,then a sharp turn OK – 2points
    17. Looking at constellations OK – 2points
    18. Buying from nook Not exactly – 1point
    19. Closing gate OK – 2points
    20. Animal wants to talk to you Not quite – 1point

    I did not cheat in any way, these are merely guesses. 🙂
    In total: 36 points


    Sound 1~ Mayu has caught a fish! OK – 2points
    Sound 2~ Mayu has gone crazy and thought she could chop down a building or the side of her town with her axe. She started chopping, and– her axe broke!! :O OK – 2points
    Sound 3~ Mayu sees a balloon present in the air and shoots it down! OK – 2points
    Sound 4~ Mayu sees a bug! Quietly, she creeps up on it and– SLAM! She caught it!! What bug? – 1point
    Sound 5~ Mayu is still crazy because she decided to go shaking trees for no reason at all. So nobody could be surprised when a beehive falls out. Mayu started running but- she really needs to lay off the junk food because she wasn’t running fast enough and the bees stung her. OK – 2points
    Sound 6~ Well, Mayu didn’t learn from her little incident with the bees and was still shaking trees when– just her luck! — a piece of furniture fell out! OK – 2points
    Sound 7~ Either Mayu got some sense into her and decided to bury some money or fruits to make a tree or she is still crazy and buries some other item in the ground. OK – 2points
    Sound 8~ Oh No! Mayu wasn’t looking where she was going and got stuck in a pitfall seed! Quickly, she gets out of the hole. OK – 2points
    Sound 9~ What’s this? Mayu found— a crack!! 😯 Quickly she digs it up and finds a hidden piece of treasure (gyroid or fossil)!! OK – 2points
    Sound 10~ Mayu is still crazy because she decides to change her hairstyle?! She goes and talks to Harriet (she has a different-sounding voice in your game O_o) and changes it. OK – 2points
    Sound 11~ Mayu was going around banging rocks and her villagers were looking at her like she was crazy, but, money started shooting out of the rock! (And all the villagers were like: O.O) How did you get 3 more sacs of money? I know cause it made that dinging sound 3 times; I can’t do that! OK – 2points, haha I dig two holes behind my back, that I don’t be pushed back while shoveling 😉
    Sound 12~ Mayu went and drank some coffee (With pigeon milk?! How could you!! xD). OK – 2points
    Sound 13~ The coffee made Mayu even worse so she went and changed her clothes. Outside. In the open. OK – 2points
    Sound 14~ Mayu was filling up holes; not with her shovel but with her FOOT! OK – 2points
    Sound 15~ Mayu was still crazy, so she went and either tried to chop down nothing, tried to fish on land, or tried to dig up a pattern. OK – 2points
    Sound 16~ Mayu was really busy. She was running back and forth and back and forth and her shoes were squeaking madly. First she needed to sell her turnips to Nook– oh, wait, she needed to get her turnips first– oh, wait, her house was the opposite way! OK – 2points
    Sound 17~ Mayu was gazing into the telescope in the observatory. (Celeste sounds different too!) OK – 2points
    Sound 18~ Mayu bought a piece of furniture from the adorable Timmy and Tommy. (who sound different too xD) OK – 2points
    Sound 19~ Nobody was coming to Mayu’s town so she had to close the gates. OK – 2points
    Sound 20~ Mayu was being nice to all her villagers and waved to one. OK – 2points

    Haha I loved your story, you were describing it so lively xD. Well done, 39 points! And the different voices is, because my animal speak German LOL, when I changed to English mode they really sound different ^^

  35. Mayu, how do you:

    a) record sound from the DS
    b) make the comment “awaiting moderation” by putting SECRET SOLUTION

    • Hi lightshine32 ^^
      The same question asked me Thea, and I’ve made a post about it. Please check:

      and to put comments into moderation you have to go to
      ‘My Dashboard’ – on the left side ‘Settings’ – ‘Discussion’ – then write into the white box under ‘Comment Moderation’ the word(s) you want them to be going to moderation.
      I hope you could find it 😉

    Sound 1-You are fishing. The bob sinks and you pull up on it until you catch the fish. It plays the sound effect that appears when you catch a fish. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 2-You are hitting a building with an axe. The axe breaks and the sound effect that happens when you break an axe plays. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 3-You hear a gust of wind, the sound that plays when a balloon attached to a present is floating across the sky. You go into your inventory. You grab an item, then cancel. You grab your slingshot and equip it. You exit your inventory. You run over and position yourself, then fire your slingshot. It hits the present and the present falls to the ground. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 4-A bee buzzes. You Catch a bug (presumably the bee but I’m not sure if you would be unable to hear the bee during the “I caught a _____!” thing). The victory message (I caught a ___!) pops up. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 5-You shake a tree. Nothing falls out. You shake another tree. A beehive falls out. Your character makes the astonishment emotion. A swarm of bees comes out of the hive and catches you. Some stinging sound effects happen, and the swarm flies away. You turn around to face the screen, now with a bee sting, and say that “I got stung by a bee! Ow ow ow ow!” message to the sound of unhappy music. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 6-You shake a tree and a piece of furniture (in its outside form of a leaf) floats out of the tree. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 7-There is already a hole and you are facing it. You go to your inventory and select an item, then select the Bury option. Your character buries the object. But you can also hear that it was either a tree or a flower, because it makes a plopping sound after that – 1 point
    Sound 8-A pitfall seed has been buried, and you have walked over it. You fell in the hole. Now you are moving faster until you jump out of the hole, do a little flip, and the hole closes under you. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 9-You have a shovel equipped. You use it to dig up a buried object. The SOund effect plays that plays whenever you dig up an object. Your character says, “Look what I dug up! A the name of the item that you dug up!” Ok – 2 points
    Sound 10-You are in ShamPoodle. You are in the seat with the hair changer over it, and Harriet is just finishing her questions with you. She walks around to the machine and presses some buttons. The machine goes on to your head and makes some amusing noises while expanding and contracting. It then comes off to reveal you with a new hairdo. Your eyes widen as you look at your reflection and Harriet asks how you like it. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 11-You are using a shovel to hit a rock, which happens to be the money rock for that day.You hit the rock 7 times. The first time you hit it, 100 Bells come out. The 2nd time, 200 Bells come out. The 3rd time, 400 Bells come out. The 4th time, 800 Bells come out. The 5th time, 1000 Bells come out. The 6th time, 2000 Bells come out. The 7th time, 4000 Bells come out.Also, on the 5th-7th times, IT makes the sound made when you collect a 1-up mushroom on a Mario game or what happens when you press A in front of the 1-up mushroom item. You have probably dug holes around you in a way to prevent you from recoiling when you hit the rock. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 12-You are in the Roost. You drink the coffee, then to the sound of “Duh Doo Doh Dee Duh” you pronounce your review of today’s coffee. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 13-You change outfits, accessories, hats or flower pins 3 times. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 14-Without any equipment equipped, You fill in 4 holes by standing in front of them and pressing B. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 15-Standing over a river, ocean or pond, you use the shovel 4 times. Since it can’t dig anything, your character swings the shovel over the water, then widens his/her eyes and pulls the shovel back after doing a little swerve. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 16-Your character skids by running in 1 direction, then quickly changing to the opposite direction without turning or walking/stopping. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 17-You are in the stargazing room, either viewing the stars or creating a constellation. You quit, and when Celeste talks to you, you select the bottom option. Ok – 2 points
    Sound 18-You are in the top floor of Nookington’s. You are either selling items or buying one, either way, you seal the deal and the transaction is made.Ok – 2 points
    Sound 19-You are in the Town Gates, opening the gate. Argh, I’m closing them – 1 point
    Sound 20-You are outside and you wave to an animal by tapping them while you are a short distance away. You are probably good friends with that animal according to the sound. Ok – 2 points

    In total: 38 points, but as you described it that perfect and such detailed I’ll give you another extra points.
    39 points!

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