Posted by: Mayu | June 1, 2009

Summer is back! Hooray!

Yaaay, I’m enjoying my 3rd summer time in ACWW this year 😀 ! I love this season! ^^

Kinsei♥ came over to Mitsukyo and together with Matt and Liv we were all looking for the new bugs and fish!

Aww, fireflies again! Can you see the yellow spot left of the house?

Yay, I got one! Matt is having a lot of fun, too! Huhu! 😛

We all together trying to catch an ocean sunfish 😉

But I found a shark instead! Whoa, those teeth are awesome! :mrgreen:

Liv was succesful in catching a goliath beetle! 😀

Later on I met Julia, yay!

This time I had a hammer head xP! Muahahaha!

And in the end Alfie came to Mitsukyo, hoorrrraaaay! You always remember me of the good old days in last summer, where we had a LOT of fun together with Hanna, Julia and Eileen 😉



  1. Yaaaaay! :mrgreen: When does tanning season start?

    • It begins in July the 16th 😉

  2. JEAH!!!!!! JEAH!!!! JEAH!!!!! I MISS YOUUUUUU!!!

  3. I got a shark and a beetle to! ha!

  4. I remember my first Wifi meeting with Yuki, Melissa and Ayachan^^ That was June 7th 2008 – it’s almost been a year!

    • Tehehe, yes, good old times, I miss Melissa and Ayachan,too. Would be nice to see them again 🙂

  5. sounds fun!
    I was up at 11 last night…caugt 2 goliath beetles and a sunfish 😆
    Not to mention the rainbow stag and lanternfly, but those aren’t as rare ^_^”

  6. Today I got 3 messages from Redd. The passwords were:
    #1:on my side
    #2:shop here again
    #3:Redd Bells
    I did not time travel and I check my mail every day… what is up with that?

    • ❓ That’s not normal, I don’t know what happened there… sorry 😦

  7. thats weird! this is my 3rd summer 2! i got the game about mid june 2007…hey, maybe i should hav a 3 yr anniversary or something?
    im free on june 12 5pm(my time), (friday)
    so… if u want to come plz tell me!

    • Sure Tilly, I think that would work, I’ll look for you gates 😉

  8. o and mayu, do u mind if i just save the pic that we take when were wifiing? bcause ive saved the ones i like from the past 2 and i was wandering if i was actually allowed to…

    • Yes sure Tilly, all pics where you were involved can be saved from you. Actually I’m doing all this pics for you, for all my friends too 😉

  9. lol u no how when we 1st wified, how dylan thought that popeye was a duck? everytime i catch 1 i think ive caught a duck it weird lol XD

    • Hahaha yes, I can imagine that xD

  10. To be honest, I like the season where there are all the cicadas


  11. I have a new costume to celebrate sumer goggles or diving mask swimming hat and future shirt

  12. Heys, Miki, I thought tanning season was in September 15th? Well guess what I cannot wait, and Imma give a prize to who’s becomes the most tanned the quickest LOL xDD


    • No, they’re over on September 15 th 😉 And lol, great idea about tanning prize xD

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