Posted by: Mayu | May 31, 2009

Yuki and Miki on the road

It was kinda late when I finally found some time to play ACWW. Sorry Zoe, that I couldn’t come at 8PM like I said before, but I was still too busy with family at that time. Let’s arrange a new date, pls 😉

First I looked with Miki if someone has their gates open, but as I saw noone, I woke up Yuki instead and she had more luck:

Funky was open and Meow was also playing actively, hooray! 😀 (sometimes she’s also afk but keeps gates open 😉 )

I wondered if Funky is finally a perfect town, but Phyllis isn’t still satisfied, it’s always like “bolognese sauce” xP!

After that I was visiting Meow’s neighbours, Kiki is still overreacting… *sigh* 😆

And I met another friend of Meow: it’s Jenn from Bethany!

Hi Jenn, thanks for adding me, I did the same ^^

Pah! Look at Elvis! He kept the water still running into the sink! Men!! 🙄
What a waste of good clear water! 😦

Meow changed her bathroom into this western style bathroom! xD Hehehe, funny but also really pretty 😉

Later on I’ve read on my blog, that Julia wanted to talk to me, so I headed over with Miki. And later on Matt and Claire were also there, hii! 😀

Tee hee, the Incredibles style suits you very well Claire ^^

That was my evening, tomorrow I might can play only in the evening, because in Germany there’s still a national holiday on monday, and all my family are still at home 😉 See you!!


  1. Terribly sorry, My DS for some reason has reset in some way and everyone will have to re-add me. O_o
    But my gates are opening now 😉

    • Have you a new FC now? Or still the same? But when it’s resetted I think you have a new one. Please give me your details again 😉

      • No, it’s the same. I’m using a new DS.

        • Oh ok Fluffy 😉

  2. Oops! I just realized how bad that sounds ._.
    Of course, nobody is obligated to re-add me if they don’t want.
    Hope I didn’t come off as conceited 😳

  3. Interesting…
    Just found this little tidbit on a hints site:

    Instant 500,000 Bells
    If you find a Treasure Chest, store it at your house, and periodically look towards the sky. Every so often, you’ll have the opportunity to use your sling shot to shoot down an air-borne present, in which it will give you a special mixer. You can simply sell the mixer for a measly 50 bells, but you can take it to the bartender at the Roost for a Rusty Key. Now, go back to your house and unlock the treasure chest with the Rusty Key. The unlocked chest will be stocked with 500,000 bells, which is more than enough to pay of your third mortgage to Tom Nook!

    Anyone ever tried it? 😯

    • That sounds very fishy… xP I mean first, the treasure is always unlocked! 2nd how should Brewster know if that mixer was shot down with the balloon and not ordered at Nook? 3rd how should you use the key in the house? You can’t equip any items in your house. 4th how should the money come out of the treasure? Just popping out? All in all I’m quite sure, that it’s just a rumour 😉
      But I’m always open for people who show me that I’m wrong 😛

    • did u get that from neoseeker? its a rly good cheat site..except when people upload phony cheats (probably like that one)

  4. Neoseeker? Umm…One I found a cheat on that site that said there are some side effects of Katrina’s Spirit Cleansing Rituals, such as super fast running and being able to shake trees with a net in your hand. I guess someone uploaded a phony cheat, eh, Tilly? 😮

    • yeh. someone also said if u hit the back of nooks 3 times w/ a shovel and press a at the door u see nook in his pjs. 🙄

  5. hiiii somebody go on chat pls

  6. please!!

  7. hi

  8. hey mayu

  9. Hi Miki i havnt been on acww for ages and its nice to see your town is still amazing. hope to see you very soon bye (georgiies sister) Nellyy xx

    • Hii Nellyy, it’s also nice to see you again! I’ll look for a free space in Miki’s roster 😛

      • thankyou i still have you on my list i dont have many people lol oh well, thanks again xx 😀

  10. I want to visit your town:)

    • Who are you? 🙂

      • In the game I am Susi and I see your blog but i dont have wifi! tHats the bad thing but I enjoy alot seeing your blog!

        • Ahh I see. What a pity that you don’t have Wifi… 😦
          But thanks for visiting my blog ^^

          • yes 🙂

  11. Hello Miki, long time no speak, havnt spoken to you in ages need to meet up on acww soon, althought my wifi is going weird, georgiie says hi also! cya around. Nellyy. From Cookie

    • want to add me?

    • Nellyyyyyy and Georgiiieee! Nice to read from you again! 😀
      I hope to see you both soon again ^^

      • Yes, you will do. nice to hear from you aswell

  12. Thanks for having me round yesterday and it was nice to see you aswell 🙂 and herti pie LOL

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