Posted by: Mayu | May 31, 2009

New friend: Claire from Pixelpop

Yay, today I met Claire from Pixelpop for the first time. In the last few days we had some trouble with getting the green circle in front of our names in the roster, but somehow it worked now and we could finally meet up 😀

I showed her my house, she tried my piano…

…and we were also visiting my ocean sunfish. As she had no name yet, we thought about a good one, and now I can tell you the name: it’s FB, for Fatty Brenda! :mrgreen:

Hehehe, bed rolling in soo much fun 😆

Milo came too and Claire was happy to meet also other acww players ^^.

After visiting Mint we went all to Pixelpop:

Wow, amazing entrance, Claire!! 😮 Awesome!

She invited me to come to her house, too. 🙂

Ohh, it’s like a bar or coffee shop here! I ordered soon a Latte Macchiato and Claire showed me the way to:

The coffee bar!! Hahaha! :mrgreen:

You can even rest in the cafe! (well we didn’t lol)

And watch funny movies! 😀 Yay!

Later on we get hungry and Claire is preparing some meal in the microwave 😛

Wooot! I found 10 rupees in her fridge! 😆

It was a very nice afternoon, and I hope to see you soon again, Claire 😀



  1. hehe that was so much fun!!! 😆 ^^

  2. lol, i find it funny that i have the same hairstyle as ALWAYS…
    ive changed it like what 4 times?
    its kinda freaky lol 😆
    also, cafe—
    almost exact same LOL!!!
    whoa i just realized that was when i was 14…
    o.o wierd

    • Haha good old times xD

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