Posted by: Mayu | May 30, 2009

Relaxing in Mitsukyo and Manila

This evening was quiet but nevertheless a good evening ^^.
When I opened my gates Milo and Jesse were my only visitors during the evening.

Hi Milo, it’s cool that we know each other for almost 1 year now, and you have been also playing it almost every day, I think I can’t even say how many times we met us during the one year? Hahaha, really amazing.

Jesse tried to catch the bluegill for Agent S, but he wasn’t lucky… well I think the time wasn’t right to catch it 😉

Then he soon had to go, but thanks for your visit Jesse! 😀

Later on Milo invited me to his town, as no other visitor went to Mitsukyo either.

First I had enough time to visit each neighbour…

…and also enjoyed quietly the night sky in Manila, beautiful…

…then suddenly Manila had another visitor: It’s Carly from Bonn! Nice to meet you!

And another visitor dropped in, Desi from LasVegas at the very right! Oh myyy… do we looked bored on this pic, Milo!!! xP 😳 😳 Don’t get it wrong please, Desi and Carly are really nice and kind girls! 😆

Desi showed me one of her lovely self-designed shirts! Can you see the playboy bunny in it? Coool 8) .

But Carly also took the chance to show me one of her shirts. Go Carly! 😀

Whoa, how pretty! I liked this shirt very much! ♥

Then Milo told me that his tearoom is finished now. I had to take a look of it:

Yaay, such an awesome room! You did it really well, Milo! 😀

And also this computer room! Amazing!! xD Hooray, let’s have a LAN party!! 🙂

Thanks for the fun Jesse, Milo, Carly and Desi, I enjoyed it! ^^



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