Posted by: Mayu | May 29, 2009

Evening with Julia, Matt, Solveig, Milo and Sally

The title is selfdescribing lol, I went first to Julia’s town:

There I also met Matt (2nd of left) and Solveig from Oslo at the very right. Solveig is a new friend from Julia and when I remembered right, it’s also her first wifi play with acww 😉

You look so refreshed today, Julia *sparkle sparkle* 😀

Solveig and me were visiting Dotty, why do the neighbours look always to oneself although they’re talking to the other person? That’s kinda rude xP

Then we dropped over to my town.

Hello dear ocean sunfish buddy, how are you today? I hope you like the creepy music in the background? :mrgreen:

Ohh you play wonderful Chopin’s Etudes, Julia! Perhaps because he was from Poland, too? 😀

Later on Sally and Milo visited Mitsukyo, we had a real good chit-chatting about the word “Huhu” (colloquial German for hi!) , Matt liked it VERY much, he wrote this word onto my blackbord, even sent me a letter where he was enjoying this word again LOL 😆

Looks like Matt is still giggling here about this word xP

Hehe, I gave Milo my red glasses and the shirt as a present. He looks nice, doesn’t he? ^^



  1. Ahh, good times…


    I wish I never sold my ACWW game, it was so much fun playing with all of you.
    I’ll probably never be on again but I want to say thank-you for letting me in your town, it was great fun and I wish you all the best in the future.


  2. oh Matt, i didnt know you sold it. geez.

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