Posted by: Mayu | May 28, 2009

Whoa!!! 647bells turnip price in Manila!!

😮 😯 😮 Milo announced a turnip price of 647bells on my blog this morning! What a wonderful price, HOOOOORRRAAAAYYY!! 😀
I grabbed my first load full of turnips and headed straight away to Milo’s town.

Hi Milo! 😀 Yes, what a nice morning with coool turnip price 😀 ^^

Awwww I love you Nook, for that awesome offer xD, you’re my best! LOL

WOOOOOOOT!! 970.500 bells for 1500 turnips! :mrgreen:

After 6 loads I was finished and I gave Milo also some bell bags as reward.

But turnip mania wasn’t over yet. I offered my German friend Martina from Sunhill to fetch her turnips, too and to sell it later again at Milo’s Nook ;).

She was very happy about it and came instantly over to my town.

plop, plop, plop… throwing her turnips on the townhall ground.

And I gave her soon the money for it 😉

Tehehe, two very happy people on this pic 😛

Milo was very very kind that he opened twice his gates for me, thanks A LOT for that! 😀 😀 You’re a real good friend ^^



  1. Wow, great turnip price!
    Nook is in a constantly declining week in Splatz, so I’m searching for another town with a better price. 🙂

  2. my nook is like never over 150bells for turnips. can u make him go higher?

    • No, you can’t influence the price at all, it’s always a game of luck. Just don’t time travel, because then Nook will never have a high turnip price 😉


  4. mayu it was sooo fun in ur town! cyu soon! ♥

  5. Mines 63 always. never changes because when i first got my ds i travelled to 2099 LOL! it made me panick because i was only new to the game and it was all dark and horrible so i thought id ruined my game, i was like NOOOONONONONONO lol. 😛 😛 😛 :P.
    my sister had 650 once, i never buy turnips though. Cos theres nowhere to store them before they go bad… 😦

    • whoa 650 is also an amazing turnip price!! 😮 😀

  6. i want turnips last sunday there was a festival so joan didn’t came

    • Yes, same here too, I didn’t get any turnips 😉

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