Posted by: Mayu | May 28, 2009

Mitsukyo, Manila, Santoké and koeln

…were all the places where I’ve been tonight. xD

Zoe and Liv were just a few seconds later in my town, right after I had opened my gates lol.

Look at the awesome dress Zoe designed 😮 !! So lovely! And behind me is Milo, hi again! 😀

Sorry for the randomness in my pics, but this was inside Milo’s house, I really like the tea room here :D. Awesome!

Lol, Milo has a spider as pet! It’s really interesting to watch her in her net 😉

Woot, we’re in Santoké now, in Zoe’s house. 😉 Yay, her froggy Keiko is sweet! ♥

We look soooo small behind this table xD 😆

And wooot, another town warp xD. Wifi crashed a lot this evening, so that’s why I went to such a lot of different places xP This time I’m in koeln, the town of sally! Hiii!

Awww you’re so cute today x3!

The citrus carpet is really big in the main room. I love the colours of it ^^

Having a rest on her sofa 🙂

and sally’s upper room was really loud of K.K. Metal I think? Poor hamster must be deaf now xD 😆

Thanks for the fun guys, although it was quite difficult to play with all the Wifi crashes 😛



  1. Sorry I’ve been away for so long, I had a severe allergic reaction to some nuts and was in hospital for quite a while and recovering at home. I would have contacted you sooner but I’ve been to ill to go on the computer, I should be on more regularly next week. Feel better just visiting your site! 😀

    • Thea!! 😮 How horrible!! I hope you feel better now, such an allergic reaction can be really bad! 😦
      Glad that you’re at home again, and welcome back, we missed you too ^^

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