Posted by: Mayu | May 27, 2009

Gorgeous T-BONE

Tonight I’ve met Matt, Milo, Sally and Julia with Miki 😀

I opened my gates first, and Milo and Matt are already here 😉

Ohh are you a little tanned Milo? It’s a surprise that it didn’t vanish after you entered my town as it’s not summer here yet…

Left of me is Matt and right Milo with a new wig lol.

When Sally was there we all headed over to Matt’s town T-Bone.

Whoa! What a pretty entrance! Matt said that he recently finished modelling his town, he has been working months on it.
But look for yourself how awesome his town is:

Cool clover path everywhere! 😀

Look at this awesome rose garden, where he wrote his town name T-Bone with golden roses! How cool is that!!! 😀 😀

Every tree has a special flower pattern ^^

Hehehe the townhall can hardly be seen behind the money trees xD. I wonder what the town rating is doing in T-Bone… Are all the clovers going to be seen as weeds?

No, Phyllis said T-Bone is sheer lunacy! That means perfect town! Well done! 😀

Also a very pretty spot here ♥

I liked the decoration in front of his house, too.

Matt and Julia are in front of me, and the walking guy behind me is Milo xD.
Thanks a lot for showing us your beautiful town, Matt! I bet everyone is amazed when they first visit you. 😉



  1. 🙂

  2. WOW!!!!!!! Matt your town is AMAZING!!!
    I love the T-BONE in golden roses.

  3. THANKS 🙂

  4. ur welcome!!! 😆 it rox compared 2 my town

  5. Yeah, it´s really great 😛

    I didn´t even notice the golden roses!

  6. Julia, im searching for gates… ive updated my look as you wished. hehehe.

  7. Oh cool 😀
    Sorry,I can´t play tonight because my friend´s making a big birthday party and I´ll get back probably at midnight. If my friend dropps me off at home. Otherwise I´ll have to ask my parents to get me at 10. We will see 🙂

  8. Ok then Julia nico is filming my town, he likes it that much! And Mayu if you see this I need to tell you something strange that happend when i was fishing, two things actually 1.) I had a huge fish on the line and a small one swam along and the other fish scared away…weird.
    2.) You know when you have a full inventory, even if there not fish your character sais…But my inventory is full, I will have to swap it then you get the option to swap or not swap,I didnt get that and I caught a CatFish and I really like them, so my characters sais…Oh I guess I will have to let it go, and just throws it back in, and didnt give me an option…Ever happened to you?

    • to 1: may it wasn’t because of the small fish, but that it escaped from the bait? Some fish, especially the big ones, are quite difficult to catch, they snap once or twice to the bait, but they escape before you had the chance to get him… Otherwise I never experienced that a fish would scare the other fish away…
      to 2: I think when you don’t have place on the ground, where you can throw the other item to the ground while keeping the fish, the only chance for the game is to release the fish. And yes, you also can’t put things on the clovers or golden roses what you have near the river, so in my opinion it was just the thing, that you didn’t have place to drop things on the ground, where you were standing 😉 (ummm, I know I explained it horribly, I hope you did understand somehow lol)

  9. Omg it did it again…It never does that…??? :S :S :S

  10. Maybe its because of the clover path I just tried on the river and it didnt work then the beach and it gave me the option…weiiiiird.

  11. that is weird! that happened 2 me 2 but idk y…???
    Hey matt wat is ur fc? heres my stats:
    town: Pixelpop
    name: Claire
    FC: 1419-3321-0871

  12. LOL sorry i posted that b4 we went on chat XD
    ok, i will be over at your town 2moro, cant wait lol
    🙂 😆

  13. Becky, add me too!
    Name Julia
    Town Zychowo
    FC 176241238004

  14. Ok! U add me 2!!!

  15. wat time do u want 2 visit each other?

  16. Today, I have plentyyy of time to play 😀 From 8pm German (7pm UK) time till whenever I want 😉
    Did you add me? Okay, see you tonight…maybe you could open?

  17. so do i julia:) and brilliant town matt even tho ive already seen it LOL

    • Liv, wat is ur fc? add me pleazzzz!!!

  18. Really? Maybe you can come, too 😉 😉

  19. i live in usa do u live in uk? if so, 7 pm UK (today) is the same as 12 noon in USA. 😀
    I will open at 12 noon today and at 1 30 my time i will close my gates and go 2 T-BONE! LOL im very busy 2day! 😆
    😉 Hope this helps.

  20. sorry that anonymous was me 😆

  21. wait does wi-fi/ nintendo wfc cost $$$???

    • No, don’t worry, it doesn’t cost anything, besides the normal internet cost 😉

      • Ok thank you! mayu go on chat please!


  23. YAYY!!!! my first wi-fi on my new town! 😆 LOL
    thank u mayu and milo 4 the short fun visit!!!
    YAY!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 😉 i hope we can meet again!

  24. i mean mii and milo 😉 😆

  25. ugh i mean MIKI!!! LOL!!! 😆

    • Haha thank you too, Claire xD, it was fun!!

  26. i will open up if u want me 2

  27. I wnat you to! Please open! I´m so sorry I couldnt resist to go on AC, I had a reallly big problem here! 😦

    • Hello, long time no speak. I havent seen you on ACWW in a long time. I’m not sure if you still go on your blog but Ive been trying to search for it.
      I sold my ACWW game because I got bored of it after all of my friends stopped playing as much, I also lost my town which took me along time to make. Its strange because I re added my Friend code on my sisters gane (she gave it to me bcos she no longer plays it) and it succesfully added my old FC which makes it seem like my town still exsists. Maybe I didnt reset my town.
      Well thats enough about me, how are you doing? I hope your getting on well. I miss playing with all my friends from abroad 🙂 but Im sure one say in the near future we will meet again. My router will not let me connect because its WPA not WEP which sucks.

      -Your old friend Matt.

  28. Wow!very similare to my old path!

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