Posted by: Mayu | May 26, 2009

Some pics of Yuki’s evening

Yuki’s evening started in Meow’s town Funky ^^:

Hi Meow, it’s nice to see you again 🙂 . Today in Safari look? Cool!

Meow was very busy to plant new trees and spread her plenty of flowers over the town. Just a little arrangement and your town might be perfect, hooray! 😀

We were visiting Rosie here and then another visitor came to Funky:

It’s Jenny! Lol, hii! Thanks and sorry again for the fun of last time xP! 😆

In the living room of Meow’s house, it was quite difficult to watch TV here, haha!. Btw, I think your view of this living room might be much prettier when you see the tatami floor and not the dungeon style like on this pic! Mwah! I want to have the Japanese tatami and shoji, too!!!

I promised to order a bubblegum shirt and the pharao mask for Jenny. Here we were in my town where she fetched those things 😉

… I… can’t… sleep!!! 😈 SHUT UP MEOW!!! :mrgreen: 😆

Whoa! How did you know Meow? Tehehehe!!

Oh I got an almost broken axe from Meow as a present. This is just the moment after it broke lol. Meow, you look quite amused on this pic xD.

Later on shelley popped in! Hiiii! 😀 Long time no see!

We also visited my new neighbour Pierce, he comes from ‘new york’ 😉

See you soon again!! 😀


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