Posted by: Mayu | May 25, 2009

Visiting Haru’s friend Renesmee in Forks

Yay, I met my friend Renesmee aka Alice in her town Forks again ^^.

Hi Renesmee, uwaah, amazing road patterns. 😯 When you are walking on it, it’s kinda irritating for your eyes but also very cool 8)

Pate said “Hiya! Long time no see…,···xxx?! WHAT? We don’t know each other?!?’ LOL, she’s really confused… and I wonder what ‘···xxx’ could mean… hmmmmmm…… 😛 😆

Renesmee’s house is really lovely, especially this room I like most:

It’s not finished yet but you can see nice dress sets there ^^

Left of me is ♥Jessi♥ from Paris, nice to meet you 😀

We had a nap in Poncho’s house and then

we were fit for a fight with our nets xD. After that we head over to my town 😉

Waiting for ♥Jessi♥ , you can also see sally from koeln in front of Renesmee ^^

Hehe lovely outfit again Sally :), and this goth dress pattern is really popular now lol

Renesmee is also very cute on this pic, the shirt she’s wearing was designed by Sally, awesome!! ~♥

LOL, are you in panic, Renesmee?? Or are you just looking for a huge fish?

A last group pic of us all before I had to go.
Thanks for the invitation Renesmee, I had a lot of fun ^^



  1. das was daune sagt bedeutet garnix XD das wird nur angezeigt wenn die bewohner sagen dass sie einen neuen spruch wollen! XP

    • so, so… 🙄 :mrgreen:

  2. hmm forks?
    tell me if you recognize these names: Bella, Charlie, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlise(i cant spell tht), Esme.
    P.S. i did read it holly!

    • What are those names Louise?? ❓

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