Posted by: Mayu | May 23, 2009

Milo, sally and Sonja

Tonight I went to Manila, the town of Milo again ^^

Whoa, I love your Doraemon pattern that reminds me of my childhood lol! But the Naruto design is also very cool! 8)

Hehe, it’s really amazing, that soon after Milo has restarted another new town, the town looks so beautiful after a couple of days. He’s really working hard to get a pretty town again 😀

At the beach, I’ve seen the face pattern on something else… where are they from? 🙂 Milo also had visitors, it has been Sally and Sonja, two German friends. Unluckily I never got them on a pic in Manila, but after we exchanged our friendcodes I invited all to my town again 😉

So here they are: the blonde girl is Sonja from heim and the blue cute girl is sally from koeln. Welcome!! 😀

Here you can see sally better, she’s a very nice and kind girl. ^^

Sonja is in same age like me, hooray! Lol, we all had a nice chit-chat together.

Milo was only a short time in Mitsukyo, then he had to go 😉 See you soon!

Of course my new friends explored my town and my house. Here Sonja and me are in my music room.

And together with Sally we visited Poncho 😉 . Sally liked this pattern from Emmy 😀 .

Would be nice to meet you again 😉



  1. That’s the same patterns of verdandi’s town.

    • Ahh there I’ve seen it! Thanks for the info Youssef 😀

  2. im baaaack

    • Hii Matt 😀

  3. wow
    do u know verdandi ? I love herhis videos 😳

    • She’s my first Japanese ACWW friend and from her I know about acww photo diaries. I owe her much! 😀

  4. wow

    hast du sie immer noch in deinem Fl?

  5. Nein, sie spielt schon lange nicht mehr 😉

  6. if Sally liked my pattern would she like some others? ❓

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