Posted by: Mayu | May 22, 2009

Bothering Julia!?!

Tonight my guests were Milo, Julia and Kurt, it has been a while Kurt 😉

The evening started with touching some items which I’ve ordered before.

“Beam me up Scotty!!” Kurt looks really cool on this pic. 😆

Then Julia went afk… well, Kurt and Nico took the chance to tease a little our friend Julia xP

But her head was hard as stone, even Kurt’s axe had a lot of cracks in it hehe.

We also went to Bauer, Kurt’s town. Lovely entrance 😀 !

Cough cough, Julia afk again, and with wet pants now 😛

Milo had a nice Elvis look today ^^

Julia was still afk… Kurt is pushing her around…

… into a pitfall seed, oh dear! :mrgreen: You look wild here Kurt and poooor Julia!!!

Cough, another pitfall seed xP

We had really a lot of time to wait for Julia LOL. Hi hoooo, can you still hear us??

Julia is BACK!!! 😯 Hahaha scaaaary exclamation!!

Of course we helped her to get out and fill all the holes 😛

Thanks for the fun you three, and especially to Julia, who is always such patient to us and doesn’t feel offensed by our pranks, you’re a real great friend!! 😀 ♥ 😀



  1. Trapping afk guests with holes surrounding them? Great idea! 😆

  2. Lol. That was so fun! We call it Bauer Zoo. DO NOT FEED ANIMAL.

    We should do this again Miki. 😉

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