Posted by: Mayu | May 21, 2009

Gameplay with lots of interruptions

Mwaah, today Wifi was really bad again!! 😈
At 8PM I opened my gates and after 2 minutes, my town was full, lol:

Liv, Emmy and Milo, who was at Ables at this moment, were my guests ^^.

But soon Wifi broke for the first time… hmpft! 😦

Another game session, this time I found Milo in front of the townhall, hii! 😀

Just when Liv displayed her nice strawberry line pattern and I was saving it…

Resetti popped up again!! 👿 I think during the evening I had to reopen my gates 4 times… -.-

Later on Liv opened instead and now we both together can show you this strawberry line pattern:

Yeah, that’s really cool! 8)

Lol, can you see Milo here? 😛

After that we went fishing ^^

Hehehe I like this pic of full tension lines 😆 Can you guess what fish it could be?

Well, that was easy, not much fish are red like a red snapper 😉

Soon Milo and me had to go, hope to see you all again! ^^



  1. Everytime I look at the tension line/red snapper photo I get dizzy! @.@

  2. wow! i got gracies top! but it cost me 80k and i rekon it could of beeen cheaper!

    • 80k!! oO That is waaaay to much Tilly xP. But at least you got a rare shirt of her, hahaha. Try with 5000 bells next time, that’s a good amount to get one of her shirts either 🙂

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