Posted by: Mayu | May 19, 2009

Two punks in Hampton

😆 I had such a fun today! Meow came over tonight again, hooray!

You always surprise me with a new outfit ;).

We visited all neighbours in Mitsukyo. Here we laughed about Jeremiah, because he just told Meow that he’s wearing a shirt from Meow of Funky, but didn’t recognize her at all xP.

Frobert gave Meow this nice shirt as a present, but nothing to me!! 👿

His face looks really ridiculing!! Hmpft!

Why are you so puzzled, Meow? I just said that I gave my sunfish turnips to eat, for the better taste later 😛 :mrgreen:
Well we were still the only ones in my town and after we visited all neighbours we decided to go to Hampton as we also saw Jenny’s gates open 😉

Hiii hooooo!! … silence… Jenny isn’t at her DS…that’s not a good idea, Jenny, it isn’t! :mrgreen:

We strolled over her town to look for her.

Awww Egbert moved to her town!! Hahaha lovely suit, Egbert! xP

I found Jenny!! Hey, look, she’s even not in chat mode… that means…

..we can push her around the town!! 😆

At the bridge, Meow(!!!!) had an brilliant idea… :mrgreen:

She dug up a hole…

…buried something in…

…put Jenny in front of it…

…and GAVE HER A SHOVE! OMG!!! 😯 😆

Hahahaha, sorry that we just laughed about this situation, but it was sooo funny xP 😆 😆 😆 Well as you probably have figured out before, it was a pitfall that we buried there lol.

For an excuse we pushed her to the townhall (still pushing xP) and showered her with bell bags, tee hee!

Meow!! She’s writing again something on the bulletin board! 👿
Uh oh, here you can see us with nets in our hands! 😯

Lol, for the last picture of today I thought I should show you how mature we’re leaving messages on Jenny’s bulletin board:

😛 😛 😛 😆 😛 😛 😛

Jenny, it was a pity that you weren’t online when we came over, but… we had fun anyway lol! Hope to see you soon again 😉



  1. 😆 I like the bulletin board messages…! 😆 Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha… *wipes tear from eye* I… can’t… stop… laughing…!

    • Thx xD, I really had a lot of fun with Meow this evening 😆

  2. That was SO funny, I wondered why I wasn’t where I thought I was – thanks for the bells ! Meow would have pushed me off that bridge given half the chance, I am plotting revenge …

    • Hi Jenny! Woohoo, you visited my blog, thanks a lot 😉 Haha I can’t wait to see/hear about your revenge lol.

  3. ahahaha… that was funny I love the board messages 😀

  4. lol i love this website 🙂 it’s so cute! Hahaha @ the board messages! 😀

  5. 0_0 Ok, so… I used to have this sick obsession with rebuilding towns? Yeah?
    And when I heard you had this town for 4 years it inspired me 🙂 Now I’m ready to keep my town forever yayyyy! 😀 Thank you so much!!!

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