Posted by: Mayu | May 19, 2009

My Bunny friend: Emmy from Emerald

In the afternoon I had a date with a new friend, Emmy from Emerald ^^.
But my first visitor was Zoe :D!

Yay, I was happy to see you again, Zoe! Missed you ;). And you look so cute on this pic lol.

But then Emmy came! 🙂

Cute bunny style x3 and welcome to Mitsukyo 😉

This time I had to give a little concert to my guest 😛

And Emmy loved the Incredibles shirt from Deedee ^^

Yay, you look awesome in this shirt 🙂

But then Emmy had to go. Also sorry Sorrel, that I hardly have got pics of you, I hope you aren’t angry, but I want to show new visitors my town first ;).
Thanks for your visits! 😀



  1. I look so cool can I come again soon

    • Yes sure, every time you see my gates open, just come over 😉

  2. Hey Mayu can I have a black mask to match the top? 🙂

    • Yes sure, I’ll order it for you 😉

  3. someone come to my town

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