Posted by: Mayu | May 18, 2009

Trip to Canada: Jessie from Beijing

Just when I looked for Liv’s gate if she would open again, I saw another open gate: it has been the town Beijing from Jessie, whom I didn’t met ever before either lol. Such a lot of new friends today, amazing!! lol

Beijing is such a lovely town, look at all her awesome patterns! 😀

Hii Jessie, nice to meet you! The shirt you’re wearing is also very nice ^^

HATCHOOOO!!! sniff sniff, luckily I found some tissues on her desk lol.

I also liked very much her upper room ^^. The floating asteroid next to her coach looks cool 8)

Oh this pic was in my town. I gave her the pattern for the gothic shirt, I think the Japanese designer of it would be very proud to see it that popular among us 😉

Inside Nookingtons Jessie let Timmy and Tommy show her the wallpapers and carpets.

What a shabby carpet! lol How can they sell it in such a noble department? 😛

I enjoyed your visit, Jessie, would be nice to meet you again ^^



  1. Jessie, you’re from Canada? Me too! Coool! :mrgreen:

    • Fly to Pearson Airport!

      • ???

  2. ^ ^~ Yup yup.
    Thanks for hanging out with me. It was a lot of fun ^ ^!

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