Posted by: Mayu | May 18, 2009

Jaimee from Tinytown and Milo from Manila

…were the friends I met this morning ^^
Jaimee is from Australia and it was the first time I met her 😀

Blonde seems to be hip again ^^. Milo at the left and Jaimee at the right. Nice to meet you!

We went to Milo’s town and look at those cute ?-box patterns 🙂

But also the path is really great, Milo 😀

Jaimee is a very nice girl, she even gave Milo golden roses, that’s cool!

Inside Milo’s house I found this sweet frog chair ♥

Then we all went to my town. Where are our feet here?!? 😯

Haha, those glasses suits you well Milo xD

And I let Jaimee display one of her cute patterns. This shirt is really lovely!

Here you can see it better. Aren’t we cute? :mrgreen:

We tried to hypnotize my ocean sunfish. Look deep in our eyes… you get sleepy… you’re tired… you want to sleep… 😛 😆

“brb” was the wrong word Milo, you know what happens when two girls are standing next to you and you’re going to be offline, muahahaha 😈

It was a lot of fun! 😀 😀 Hope to see you soon ^^



  1. Hehe. I’ll come back soon, Mayu! 😀

    • Sure, I’m looking forward to you ^^. But this week I won’t be able to play in the mornings, I’m afraid. We’ve got father day tomorrow and all family is at home until sunday (no school and job on Friday lol), so probably we can see us from next week on again 😉

  2. I miss Nico…

    • He wrote me once, he’s fine but he doesn’t want to play ACWW anymore/yet, he has got a lot of other things to do 😉

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you only met Tilly a day before me, I thought it was ages apart!! xD
    So that means we’ve all known each other for just under a year now, wow xD

    • Haha yes, you both of you came nearly at the same time to my blog 😉 Thanks for being such a good friend for almost a year now ^^

    • hey was its seriously only ONE DAY BEFORE????
      well, as jaimee says,

      • Hahahaha, Lol, Tilly, I don’t think that’s the right time to say “pshaawwwww” xD

        • Wha? You’re just cramping my style now 8)

  4. Awws, I miss the times Jaimee, you and I had together :[ If only I could go back to 2009…

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