Posted by: Mayu | May 18, 2009

Gracie again!

Ohh it has been a while when Gracie came to my town.
This time I saw her car while we were playing over Wifi, so I decided to fetch some shirts of her with Miki and Mayu after my guests are gone.

Like usual, she’s not happy with my rural style 👿

After answering all her fashion questions, I got this lousy certificate:
“Boring Miki! Bah! Boooooooooring! Honey, you have to work harder to get my respect!” 👿 👿 #F!3hgj§ Gracie!! lol (just some unnecessary swearing words xP)

Well when I asked her to make me a shirt and gave her 5000 bells for it, I got at least this rare citrus shirt. But she has to tease me again with this aweful afro wig!!! xP 😆

Mayu was lucky too, I got the giraffe shirt ^^

But still I don’t like Gracie that much 😛



  1. oh i got the tiger shirt and hazel got the zerbra shirt but i lost my game yester day 😦 im still looking for it but so far not good.

  2. Lol, when Gracie comes to my town, I take the test and I’m always fabulous.Hoever, my cousin can’t ever seem to take the test.Gracie says like ” You must get a lot of fan mail ” to my cousin.Weird, isn’t it?Is it because of her clothes?

    • Or doesn’t she have a space left in her letter area in the inventory? Gracie won’t give you the test, when there’s no place to get her certificate.

  3. Lol, I can’t BELIEVE Gracie says that the shirt I designed is RURAL! What the heck!?! 😡
    Lol, nice outfitting, anyway, Mayu!

  4. Gracie says im a redneck 😀 LOL

  5. Gracie always says this:
    “Dear Jaimee,
    You are beyond fabulous!
    Gracie has GOT to pay her respects to only the true fashinista!

  6. mayu i always get a paperboy hat/grandpa hat from gracie!!!

    • Maaah, meany Gracie!! 👿 But that suits you tehehe!

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