Posted by: Mayu | May 18, 2009

Another new friend: Abdullah from Twinleaf

Cool, in the evening I opened with Miki and my new friend Abdullah aka Quagmires came for a visit to Mitsukyo 😀 :

Very stylish outfit ^^

He soon began to explore my town 😉 and Liv also dropped by, yay!

But my real first visitor was Milo again lol. Hiii!

I showed Abdullah my house, all new visitors are surprised about all my turnips there lol

Just when I wanted to make a pic of Abdullah and me, Milo hit me with his net!! 👿 Arrrrgh, you know what that means!! 😈

REVENGE!!! :mrgreen:

But also Liv and me had a good struggle lol. We called us Lifekiller Liv and Murderous Miki xP 😉

Later on we all went to ‘my home’, Liv’s town ^^

Ohh, just when I found the right outfit in her shop to be Murderous Miki, Wifi crashed a little later, what a pity… 😦

Well, I hope to see you all soon again 🙂



  1. Hey I tried to come to your town last night bit your town was full 😦 but I can see you tonight 🙂 😉 :0

    see you at 5.00 your time

    • Yes shall I open or are you going to open?^^

  2. Can I come to? It would be nice to have a catch up- and I dont have the prizes yet… sorry… its all so stressful


  3. Yes of course you can come too…^^
    But please no arguement, ok? I know that you and Emma had some discussion before 😛

  4. Fine Ok. And will you come to mine later.. I think I have weeds.


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