Posted by: Mayu | May 15, 2009

Great TP, umbrella and evening

Wooot! Today I had a wonderful turnip price again:

502 bells for each turnip, so for one full load of turnips in my bag I got 756000 bells. Hoooraaay!!! :mrgreen:

Then later on Milo dropped by. Lol, nice new style Milo xP

But look at this awesome pattern!

As umbrella it is even prettier!! I really would like to have such an umbrella in real life! 😀

“HOORRRAY!! SATS are over!!!!” shouted Liv and let some party popper crack in my town in the evening. Congrats Liv!! 😀 😀 And hello also to Kinsei♥ 😉

Yay, a lovely group pic of us ^^

Hehehe, Kinsei and I were admiring my frog Gerogero again xP

And with Liv we exchanged some shirts, thanks a lot Liv 🙂

Ohhh thanks for the wonderful piano concert Liv, I love Johann Sebastian Bach ~♥

Then I also met Louise later on, she wanted to invite also some of her bf to her town, but they had problems with wifi connection so we gave it up soon 😉

Hope to see you all again! 😀



  1. Congratulations Liv, I remember taking mine last year… I hated the reading test about weathers…

    • thanks thea XD my reading test was about houses and a boy reciving letters in his tree house! WIERD!!! XP

  2. OMG oO Miki
    you changed you’re hair 😯

    • Yes, as I was invited to a party to Louise I thought I should dress up a little xP

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