Posted by: Mayu | May 13, 2009

Cool patterns and cool fridge

Hehehe my loyalst friends came again to Mitsukyo this evening:

It has been Milo and Liv. Louise also came later for a visit ^^.

Whoa, you have got a lucent (is this the right word?) umbrella, Milo 😛 😆

Was Frobert jealous of us, that he had to move himself into the foreground?!? 😈

Oh, this is my black room again. I’m still preparing photos for the “Master Item List” of each items, that’s why I need to have a total black room for the background 😉

Haha Liv and me lost in …ummm… space? Black hole? Whatever you think of lol.

If we were listed in a list, I would put this icon for us 😆 :

How much do we cost? 1000mio bells? 10 bells? 😛

Aww Liv wanted me to take a pic of her message. Thanks a lot liv, you’re exaggerating lol, I think it would be horrible if everything goes perfect in life ;). But I really appreciate your friendship too ♥

Then we all went to Milo’s town Manila:

Cooool patterns Milo! I totally can understand you that it took several hours to pixel them all :). But it looks great!!

Yeah, nice flower bed areas between the rivers 😀

Haha I couldn’t resist to take a look into Milo’s fridge :mrgreen: .
It’s very empty though… lol.

And hooray, Rasher is in Manila, too ^^. I laughed about his catch phrase ‘schweini’ (piggy), sounds a little like an insult 😛

Ohh Louise!!! I missed Louise all the time in my pics! I’ve to change it, now!!

Pheew, at least I got one of you xD. Sorry about that 😉

Hey Milo!! Are you peeping behind the tree, or what are you doing there while two cute girls are trying to catch a frog? :mrgreen:

Thanks for the great fun, Milo, Liv and Louise ^^



  1. That looks like fun! Mayu, can I come over sometime so I can go in deep space? 😆

    And also, instead of “lucent”, I think it’s “translucent”.

    • Oh ok thanks Lolli and of course you can come over again! Every time!

  2. hi mayu my gate sopen right now if u can come, ill leave it open for about 1/2 hour b4 my friend comes over. bye!

  3. I wish my town patterns could be that cool…

  4. Hey people add me
    Code 3051 6035 7275
    Name Sari
    Town Sikary

    Ive got some good patterns,too!

  5. Hey!|Sorry 2 bother you but do you know where I can find that river pattern

    • Oh they’re from one pattern designer, I really adore it’s Mayuge from Hotondo Memogaki and you can find the river patterns here:

      • Thank you soooo much!I Have been looking for that pattern everywhere lol many thanks =)

        • I’m glad that I could help, yw 😉

  6. how can you say that you have a perfect town have you got Octavian have no i didnt think so

    • Umm? It’s always a matter of opinion, don’t you think so, too? 😛
      What’s perfect for her does not have to mean that it’s perfect for you, so just accept others opinions 😉

  7. Those water patterns are awesome!!! Im sorry i dont have wifi it doesn’t work but anyway your blog is great Mayu!

    • Thanks a lot Crystal ^^

  8. Did you make that lolita looking dress yourself? It looks really pretty~ c:

  9. Can u plz give me sum really good designs 4 my town? i dont hav wifi, but u COULD post it here…. if u mind… im trying to suprise a friend to see how AWESOME my town is… ive took afew of your designs… but i need more umph in my town… Thanx

    • Do you know the site “Katrina’s Cranny”? She is an AWESOME pattern designer and has loads of wonderful patterns for your town.
      Please check it out 😉

      If you already know that site let me know, I’ll look for other pages then ^^

  10. oh lol i already know Katrina1185 XD also go 2 fizzoidproductions shes AWSUM!!! ;D lolz =P

  11. could you give us that gothic dress pattern? is adorable ❤

  12. nevermind! found it right away on here >.< sorry lol

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