Posted by: Mayu | May 12, 2009

Summer fun in D’burg

Today I saw such a beautiful town again, but first I show you pictures from my visitors of tonight in my town 😉 :

Meow, today in Gracie’s top and orange knit hat 🙂

But also Annie from Lazytown dropped by, yay 😀

Haha, here she’s pretending of having Swine flu xP, poor poor poor Annie 😆

After Meow spent Peewee a shirt, she got this diving mask back lol.

Well, Wifi crashed soon after this and when I opened again and no one is coming soon back I looked for the other open gate which Copper was telling me about. And I found Deedee’s town D’Burg open 😀 !
Ok, maybe I’ll see Meow and Annie so I hopped in 😉

Yeah, Meow went there, too and look at this beautiful town!! Amazing!! 😯

Lol, yaay those hedges and snails again like I used to see them in Lilah’s town Rosebury. Awww I like these patterns very much!!

Ohhh 😮 , Deedee is really a splendid person! :mrgreen:

It’s July in D’Burg and I found a robust cicada! 😀

Lol, the patterns say: “Connect with God”, the museum looks like an antique temple now xD

Uhhh, I’m a bad reporter, I should have shown the owner of this town much earlier, lol. Deedee, where are you?? 😛

Ahhh here we’re all standing in the pool ^^

Deedee put on the huge sunglasses, it seems it’s very hip this season ;).

Yaaay, amazing hedge maze!! :mrgreen:

We all started to go fishing, in July we can expect huge fish with fins looking out the water 🙂

I got a blue marlin!! Hooray!!

And woooot! Look, I found a fin-fish lol!

Woohoo!! I always like the ocean sunfish, you can eat it for weeks, but how can I put it into my fridge?? (*edgemyknife*)



  1. I’ve always wanted to catch an Ocean Sunfish. :sigh:!
    Oh, well. The headges are amazing! 😯

    • don’t worry, heather, it comes in the summer, but patience is key to fishing… Rite? o_o

  2. WOW!! nice hedge maze! :WideEyes:

    • lol your supposed to type 😯 – press 8 then press O

  3. how did you get so many patterns?

    • Oh that’s not difficult. Each chara can have up to 8 patterns and when your town is full with 4 charas, you can lay down 32 different patterns in town 😉

  4. 80

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