Posted by: Mayu | May 11, 2009

Meeting up Charley aka The Doctor Forever again :D

I met up with Charley today, you may know him as The Doctor Forever or The Valeyard now ;). Our last meeting was in December 1st 2008, so it has been a while…

Oh right, Milo aka Nico was in my town before, that’s his newest chara so be sure to add him back 😉 And yay, we almost have the same eyes lol

But here’s Charley! 😀 Welcome again! Don’t be irritated, last time The Doctor also played a female chara (whose name was Glysstra) 😉

We held a fish competition together, so I was busy to catch some rare ones.

I think, Charley won with her seahorse xP 😆

Then she had a made-over, she wanted to look like Charley Pollard from ‘The Doctor Who’. First she went to Harriets to change the hairstyle into blonde long hair 🙂

Then we went to Ables to buy a nice dress for her. I hope you all can see some similarity to Charley Pollard? ^^

After we visited all my neighbours…

…we went to Charley’s town Inshér. Yay nice to be in Australia again 😀

Such a cute house, Charley just restarted a new town recently.

Ahh but warm and comfy inside, I love the heating!! :mrgreen:

Hehehe, yaaaaay, my beloved Nook is there again!

Hiiii ~♥ ~♥ ~♥ 😳 😛

Hmpft, a mud bath again!! Stupid pitfall!! 😈

Thanks for the fun Charley, I had great fun with you! ^^



  1. Can you somehow put a link somewhere to that red, black and white pattern with the ribbons you designed? I absoutely adore it!

    • Just a moment, it’s not self-designed, I’ve seen this pattern on a site, I’ll look for it right now.

  2. Found it you can see it here:

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